Top 5 facts you must know about The Balladeer in Genshin Impact

Scaramouche (Image via Genshin Impact)
Scaramouche (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Scaramouche, also known by his alias “Balladeer” in Genshin Impact, is the No.6 in Fatui’s Eleven Harbingers. Unlike Childe, a fan favorite, Scaramouche has surrounded himself with complete mystery while making his mark in the game.

Those playing the game from early updates may have met Scaramouche for the first time through an event while late comers encountered him during Inazuma Archon Quest. However, these minor appearances and references from various other related lore have given players a good idea about Scaramouche.

Here, players will learn the top five facts they ought to know about the Balladeer in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Top 5 facts about Balladeer that players may not know

5) First appearance in version 1.1


New Genshin Impact players who started playing the game after 2020 may have missed an event called the Unreconciled Star event. This was the first event where players were handed a free four-star character (Fischl).

However, it was also the first time that Scaramouche made an appearance in Genshin Impact. At that time, Scaramouche did not know about the Traveler and met him during an expedition. He introduced himself as a “vagrant from Inazuma.”

He initially showed a friendly personality but that went out of the window when he learned about Traveler’s identity as the Honorary Knight. Subsequently, he tried to kill them but Mona intervened and saved the Traveler just in time.

4) Life as “Kunikuzushi” before joining Fatui


Before joining the Fatui Harbingers, he was traveling by the name of Kunikuzushi, which can be translated to “country destroyer.” After his close acquaintance, Katsuragi, was slain by Mikoshi Nagamasa, he picked up the name “Kunikuzushi” and went on a revenge spree.

As a result, three of the Inazuma’s famous bladesmith arts got lost in time.

3) Different possible cutscenes in Inazuma Archon Quest


HoYoverse loves to add minor details that enhance the player’s experience in Genshin Impact. One such example can be seen in the cutscene where Traveler and Scaramouche meet in the secret Fatui delusion factory during the Inazuma Archon Quest.

There are two possible cutscenes depending on whether players have participated in the Unreconciled Star event. Those who meet Scaramouche for the first time watch a cutscene where he introduces himself as the Balladeer of the Fatui Harbingers. However, players who are meeting him for a second time get to watch additional dialog about the other Harbingers.

There is also a noticeable change in Traveler’s expression. It seems the cutscene where Traveler meets Scaramouche for the second time appears to be angrier than his first appearance.

2) He was created by Ei


After the Inazuma Archon Quest, Genshin Impact players can interact with Yae Miko to get a lot of information about Inazuma and others. This is also where they will find that Scaramouche is a puppet who was created by Ei (Raiden Shougun) as an experiment.

Scaramouche had to hold Gnosis inside him but the experiment failed. Ei did not want to destroy the life she created, so she chose to let Scaramouche live his own life after sealing his powers.

What Ei and the players may not know is that after joining Fatui, they helped Scaramouche unseal his powers and made more modifications for him, which made him even more powerful.

1) Missing after retrieving Ei’s Gnosis


There is a cutscene during the Inazuma Archon Quest, where Travelers pass out after meeting Scaramouche and Yae Miko arrives to save them. Players will find out later that Yae Miko exchanged Electro Gnosis to save the Traveler.

During the Labrinth Warrior event in version 2.2, there is a quest where players are exploring an unknown dungeon with Childe. During this quest, Childe disclosed that Fatui has lost contact with Scaramouche after he retrieved the Electro Gnosis from Yae Miko.

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