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Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds for speedrunning 

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Modified 12 Nov 2020, 07:29 IST
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Defeating the Ender Dragon as quickly as possible is the end goal of a Minecraft Any% speedrun, and the right seed can really help a player succeed in their endeavour.

There is a lot that needs to happen as soon as a player spawns into the Minecraft world before they are even able to battle the Ender Dragon.

These tasks include gathering the necessary Ender Pearls, venturing into the Nether for a Blaze Rod, and then actually defeating the Ender Dragon itself. That is a lot of stuff to do!

The right seed can help a player streamline this entire process, by ensuring that locations and items are in optimal spots for efficiency. This article will be breaking down some of the best seeds to use for speedrunning in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock seeds for speedrunning Any%

#1 Current WR Seed - Any% Glitched (PC)

This seed was the one used for the current world record in the Any% Glitched category.

In this video, everyone can see exactly how ElTreago completed this phenomenal run. It is extremely unlikely a Minecraft player who is brand new to speedrunning would be able to replicate this, but it gives a clear idea of what maximum skill and efficiency looks like.


Seed: -1804478546

#2 Current WR Seed - Any% Glitchless (PC)

There is really not much to say here. This is the seed that was used to set the current world record across multiple categories. Learn it, live it, love it.

Seed: 376166226

#3 Seed with Full Guide for Any% Glitchless

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Image via

For Minecraft players who are beginners in speedrunning or looking to attempt it for the first time, this is the perfect seed.


MrYoloTheLegend has a complete step by step guide on how to finish the speedrun. With all the guessing work taken it, the only thing left to do is practice.

Guide here

Seed: -27383160

#4 Double Blacksmith Village at Spawn

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube
Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

Minecraft speedrunners have immediate access to a multitude of resources right when they spawn into the game, thanks to the double blacksmith Village.

Not one, but two ruined Nether Portals are then within quick running distance that lead the player directly to a fortress with Blaze Spawners. With some practice and dedication this could be a great speed to make a speedrunning attempt on.

Seed: -895041041

#5 End Portal Near Spawn

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube
Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

In this seed, the Ender Portal is only 48 blocks away from where players spawn into the game. Can anybody really ask for something more convenient?

Seed: 1349679922

Published 12 Nov 2020, 07:29 IST
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