Top 5 new rewards in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5

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Dipanjan Dey

Epic Games decided to surprise players with gifts and rewards with the first significant update in Fortnite Chapter 2- Season 5.

Recently, players got to see several new inclusions in the game. These include many new cosmetics, some interactive LTMs, three new weapons, and many rewards from Epic Games. 

While these gifts are free to access, there are some cosmetic rewards exclusive for console players. Similarly, Epic Games has also announced the Fortnite Generations Cup exclusively for PlayStation users, with a PS5 prize for each region's winners. 

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Top five free rewards players can obtain in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5

Popular YouTuber Coolside listed a few unique rewards players can find in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. Thus, the focus here will be on all the free items players can receive as a gift from Epic Games, regardless of which platform they are on. 

#1 - Skull Claus Spray 

This item was one of the rewards set during the Frosty Frenzy tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5. However, Epic Games has decided to give players another opportunity to win the Skull Claus Spray.

They recently mentioned on Twitter that the Frosty Frenzy tournament would have another time slot. It will be hosted between December 17th and 19th, and players can gear up to win the spray this time around. 

Players will just need to get five points in the game to collect the Skull Claus Spray.

#2 - Spy Within Rewards

Coolside mentioned how the Spy Within LTM in Fortnite resembles the game dynamics of Among Us. Players can play this LTM with their friends, while completing a challenge in Fortnite.

Subsequently, Epic Games has reintroduced Detective skins, so that players can look their best while searching for clues. Completing the Spy Within quests allows players to get the following rewards - a music pack, a new glider, new gun foil, and a unique style for the Skateboard back bling.

Players will get about 10,000 XP for completing these challenges. The Spy Within LTM will last for the next three weeks, and players can hop in with their friends anytime.

#3 - Marvel Emotes and edit styles

Players who bought the Season 4 Battle Pass in Fortnite were rewarded with a few edit styles for their Marvel superhero outfits. Similarly, players reported that every built-in emote was also given to Battle Pass owners.

This is somewhat surprising as players who did not complete certain tiers in the Battle Pass were also rewarded with the emotes and edit styles. This might be another festive gift from Epic Games, thanking their community for enjoying the Chapter 2 - Season 4.

#4 - Fortnite x Rocket League v2.0

The Rocket League collaboration might return to Fortnite in Season 5. Coolside reports that it might be similar to last time, where players would get Fortnite-themed rewards for playing Rocket League. 

Players can obtain a music pack, a back bling, and several other cosmetic gifts from the collaboration.

Considering that Rocket League's new season was released a few days ago, it is plausible to expect an LTM coming to Fortnite soon. Thus, this is another free reward Epic Games has designed for players.

#5 - Operation Snowdown

Several fans are speculating that Operation Snowdown is going to be the 2020 version of Fortnite Winterfest. Players will have to complete the Quest in order to unlock all the cosmetics. 

Coolside predicted that players would get two new outfits, including Snowmando and Frost Squad. A new loading screen will also be rewarded to players completing the Operation Snowdown challenges in Fortnite. 

Players will need to use the brand new Lever Action Rifle to get the fish face emoji in Fortnite. Hence, Epic Games has designed Operation Snowdown with several free rewards for players to collect. 

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