Top 3 characters to avoid with Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail 1.1

List of top 3 characters to avoid with Silver Wolf
List of top 3 characters to avoid with Silver Wolf (Image via HoYoverse)

As one of the most coveted units in Honkai Star Rail, Silver Wolf has made her debut on the current limited-time banner. She is a formidable 5-star character capable of plaguing her enemies with multiple strong debuffs during combat. Silver Wolf also excels as a sub-DPS or support across multiple team compositions by treading on the Nihility Path.

Like HoYoverse’s other titles, Honkai Star Rail’s combat system favors teams with synergic characters. While most units complement each other, it is better not to force them into a setup when they can be used to create a more meaningful composition. Likewise, Silver Wolf can be paired with almost every unit in the game, with a few exceptions that are simply excessive for her.

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What are the three best characters to avoid with Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail 1.1?

3) Qingque


Silver Wolf’s skill can implant a Weakness from an ally onto an enemy, allowing you to run a mono-elemental team during combat. That said, a setup comprising her, along with Qingque and Seele, might sound good on paper. However, the current Honkai Star Rail’s roster lacks a Quantum healer or shielder to protect the squishy characters.

Needless to say, you would want to pick up a unit from a different element to fill up the final spot, which will play against her Weakness manipulating skill that randomly selects an ally. Despite stacking three Quantum characters in the team, the ability will count them as a single entity, implying that it has a 50% chance to inflict the weakness on the other character.

Hence, it is better to avoid Qingque in the third spot and equip two different units from the same element to have better odds of breaking the enemy shield. For instance, pick Bailu and Tingyun to get yourself covered with a healer and a sub-DPS from the same element.

2) Welt


Since Welt can slow down enemies during combat, he can potentially be a good pair with Silver Wolf. However, she is likely to inflict the Imaginary weakness on her opponent, which can be problematic since Honkai Star Rail has no other characters from the element.

Welt can deal significant damage to a weakened enemy, but it will take a while before he gets his next turn. Hence, it is better to use someone like Sampo instead, since the Wind roster has sufficient options for the second pick.

It is worth noting that Luocha’s arrival in Honkai Star Rail 1.1 can help Welt in this situation. However, it's better to avoid him with Silver Wolf, as hoarding three 5-star units in a single setup is not recommended. Moreover, F2P players will likely skip Luocha after summoning Silver Wolf, shutting the door for a mono-Imaginary setup.

1) Arlan


Honkai Star Rail’s Lightning roster contains maximum characters compared to other elements, making them the perfect candidates for a mono-elemental setup. That said, avoid using Arlan with Silver Wolf, as they are equally efficient skill-point characters that can ultimately lead to counterproductive team composition. Hence, it is advised to split them up to allocate their strengths properly.

Moreover, Arlan uses his Skill by sacrificing his HP, which leaves him vulnerable during combat. Thus, it is preferable to pair him with a healer and shielder instead of a debuffer like Silver Wolf to keep him alive against some of the toughest enemies in the game.

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