Tribes of Midgard Serpent Saga: All new features and updates coming in Season 2

Tribes of Midgard Serpent Saga (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
Tribes of Midgard Serpent Saga (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga has been released for players to enjoy, as new content and additions come to the realm of Midgard. Norsfell Games earlier stated that there will be regular seasonal updates to the game and with each of them, there will be new content and a new saga.

Jormungandr arrives in Midgard with Serpent Saga as the new saga boss. He joins his sibling, Fenrir, as both sagas will be available for the players to engage with. For the daring Vikings, the developers have confirmed that there is an achievement to unlock for defeating both the bosses in one session.

Tribes of Midgard: Serpent Saga is now LIVE! 🐍Dive into our newest free seasonal update, featuring a new Saga Boss, Boats, new enemies, the Ocean biome, swimming, and so much more! 🌊Read the update notes:…

Serpent Saga brings a number of meaningful changes to enrich the Viking experience for the million Einherjars of Tribes of Midgard.

Tribes of Midgard's latest season brings new additions to the Viking experience

The Serpent Saga brings boatloads of new content to Tribes of Midgard, which will be decked in the holiday theme. The official statement explains that the new saga brings:

a new Open Seas biome, new weapons and armor, five new Runes, six new Starter Kits, Boats, Swimming, new exotic enemies and foes to take down, new Saga Quests, a new Rewards Track and various quality-of-life improvements!
New Pet coming with Serpent Saga (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
New Pet coming with Serpent Saga (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

Key Features of Serpent Saga

1) A New Saga Boss: The World Serpent is the new saga boss for players to contend with. He resides in his Lair at the heart of the ocean. Jormungandr is notorious for his deadly poison, enormous size, and mastery of the seas. Players need to find all three Beacons to unlock the Lair and tackle the beast before Fumbulwinter.

New saga boss (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
New saga boss (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

2) Shipyard: The Shipyard, right outside the village on an Ash Beach biome, needs to be rebuilt to craft boat kits. There are three types of boats that can be crafted. Smaller boats are flimsy, but are nimble and require less material. Leveling up the Shipyard unlocks larger boats that can carry more players and travel faster, with more HP, but cost more resources.

In just ONE week, you'll be able to rebuild the Shipyard! 👀 This new station can be upgraded, to craft 3 different types of boats ⛵️#tribesofmidgard

3) Boats: Players can now sail the open seas by building and constructing boat kits. Boats can only be crafted in the Open Seas off a coastline and not in any other water bodies.

4) Swimming: Players can now swim in water! Swimming depletes the player's stamina gauge. Once the stamina bar hits zero, the character incurs damage to their HP.

Well we've got some news @Triple_Gz1... it looks like these moments will become legendary tales 🥲(but be sure not to drown now, ok?)

5) New Enemies: New friends and foes have made their way into Tribes of Midgard.

  • Selkie disguises itself as a seal and has mythical abilities which slows the attack speed of the player or boost the Selkie's.
Coming to Midgard are three new aquatic enemies, found in our beach biome, Ash Beach! 🦭 Seal (just cute)😈 Selkie (sometimes a seal)🎵 Fossegrim (loves to play the lyre)Just TWO more days until you meet them in Season 2!
  • Fossegrim moves around in groups and plays magical songs on their lyres to boost nearby allies' armor, attack and speed stat. They can even revive their allies when they die.

6) Five new Runes: Developers have provided five new runes to give players more options to chalk up new strategies. These runes, including the likes of Nothing to Wield and Harvest Bloom, will allow the players to further customize their Vikings.

New Runes (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
New Runes (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

7) Armor Perks: Each piece of armor in Tribes of Midgard now has an additional passive bonus. The developers state:

Each Perk is assigned to a particular Armor Set, so if you want to maximize a certain effect, you can equip multiple pieces from the same Armor Set to stack the bonus. You can also mix and match Armor Perks for custom builds and skills!

8) Six new Starter Kits: These are added to provide a shake-up to the early-game routine.

New Starter Kits (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
New Starter Kits (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

9) Timed Seasonal Events: Norsfell has announced there will be a three-week Yulidays event, which is a Viking celebration ritual. Players will be able to unlock cosmetics, a pet, and other festive content through limited Festive Challenges.

Yulidays event (Image via Tribes of Midgard)
Yulidays event (Image via Tribes of Midgard)

Tribes of Midgard is available on PlayStation Store, Steam and Epic Games Store, where the standard edition will cost $19.99 USD and the deluxe edition will be for $29.98 USD on Steam and $29.99 USD on the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store. Both editions will include Season 1 and Season 2 and future seasonal content.

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