Valkyrae left furious after finding Snapchat story that paints her as a racist

Valkyrae recently went on a rant after spotting Snapchat story that called her a racist.
Valkyrae recently went on a rant after spotting Snapchat story that called her a racist.
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Rachel "Valkyrae” Hofstetter lost her calm during a recent live stream when she saw a Snapchat story calling her a “racist.”

Valkyrae recently made a harmless joke about fellow streamer “Leslie.” The two were part of an Among Us lobby but the latter was dying repeatedly.

Valkyrae joked about the situation and came up with the term “LLM,” that stands for “Leslie’s Life Matters.” Her chat had reacted with a flurry of toxic messages which brought forth a firm response from the streamer.

Days after the incident, Valkyrae spotted an Instagram story that painted her as a racist for the joke. The streamer was left furious and claimed that such clickbait stories are “messing with her reputation.”


Valkyrae left furious after spotting Snapchat clickbait story painting her as a racist

During a recent stream, Valkyrae spotted a Reddit post on the r/Valkyrae subreddit which contained a clickbait Snapchat story. The streamer’s “LLM” joke from a few days ago was referred to as an “obscene BLM joke that could threaten her career.” Valkyrae was obviously not pleased and went on a rant.

“Ohh yeah, Snapchat is back at it again. With all that weird stuff going on on TikTok I did see a picture of Snapchat having another one. They posted this one, and it said “Valkyrae’s offensive joke might ruin her career. Gamer in serious trouble over this obscene BLM joke.” Like, Snapchat hates me. These titles are so messed and so out of context. Yeah, like, I did not joke about BLM. It’s messed up. It’s so messed up. I feel my reputation is being super-super-super messed with especially with like clickbait and this whole TikTok thing that is going on.”

On TikTok, Valkyrae recently received a barrage of negative comments after people had mistaken her for American social media personality Addison Rae. Addison Rae allegedly tried to get TimmyInnit off the DreamSMP server a few weeks back. However, fans on TikTok confused Valkyrae's user name for Addison Rae's, and began to criticize the streamer instead. Valkyrae had called the ordeal the “weirdest thing she ever saw on social media."

Image via r/Valkyrae, Reddit
Image via r/Valkyrae, Reddit

The streamer appeared upset about the Snapchat story and said that it might discourage people from watching her streams.

“It’s messed up. It is bad because I feel like a lot of people will like my content but this is their first impression if they see it first and they are just gonna think like it is true.”

When Valkyrae had initially made the “Leslie’s life matters” joke, her chat responded with allegations of her subverting the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Valkyrae had responded angrily and said that the BLM movement is not something to joke about.

During the recent live stream, her chat asked her whether she could sue the Snapchat account owner for defamation or slander. The YouTube streamer claimed that the clickbait story does come under the definition of slander, but said she does not believe she can file a lawsuit.

“Yeah, it is straight up slander, but that’s how it is on social media. I have gotten to a point where I guess I am just like popular enough that those kind of things get views and stuff, but yeah that sucks. Can I sue? I don’t think so. Is it defamation? I think so. I already told my agent and 100 Thieves about it so they are helping me but I don’t think it will ever end honestly.”

After the initial toxic messages from her chat about the joke, Valkyrae took to Twitter to announce that she was taking a break from live streaming. She has since returned and is now streaming regularly again.

Image via r/Valkyrae, Reddit
Image via r/Valkyrae, Reddit

Valkyrae did not reveal the reason behind the break but fans had speculated that it was because of the altercation that she had with her chat. Innumerable fans have taken to different social media platforms in recent days to support the streamer.

As can be seen in the posts above, Valkyrae’s fans defended her and claimed that she had nothing to apologize for.

Image via CorpseFans, YouTube
Image via CorpseFans, YouTube
Image via CorpseFans, YouTube
Image via CorpseFans, YouTube

This is not the first time that the concerned Snapchat account has been accused of posting "clickbait" stories.

Apart from Valkyrae's claims, the account has also come under scrutiny for posting misleading stories about other internet personalities, most notably Turner "Tfue" Ellis Tenney.

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