Valorant vs CS: GO: Gun and Gun Mechanics comparison

  • From the practice tool to the buy mode, recoil and spray, there are many differences between the guns in CS: GO and Valorant.
  • The two games look similar but Valorant and CS: GO have a few distinct differences.
Modified 20 May 2020, 13:28 IST
Valorant vs CS: GO Gun comparisons (pic courtesy: Anzbankaii)

Ever since the release of its closed beta, Valorant has been often deemed by hardcore CS: GO fans to be just another rip-off of their beloved game. However, we feel there is much more to it than that.

Although Valorant might feel similar to CS: GO on the surface, there is more to the game than meets the eye when we take a deeper look. And by a deeper look, we don’t particularly mean, those aspects of the Valorant game that resemble some of the key Overwatch features like Agent abilities.

The guns in the two games and how players can use them are significantly different. On that note, let us have a look at some of the major differences between the guns in Valorant and CS: GO.

Differences between Valorant and CS: GO guns:

#1:The Practice tool

Pic courtesy: Riot games Enter caption
Pic courtesy: Riot games Enter caption

This particular point of difference may not have much to do with the weapons to be very honest, but we still feel that it's important enough to have a place on our list.

Valorant has a very easy to access practice tool unlike CS: GO. Putting at least 30 minutes of aim and ability throwing (smoke bombs and nades in CS: GO) practice every day is crucial in climbing the ranks in any FPS game. Riot Games has made that feature easily accessible in the Valorant game.

Pic uploaded by C9 Tenz
Pic uploaded by C9 Tenz

However, in CS: GO you are required to go to the ‘WorkShop’ and subscribe to ‘Aim Botz’, or any other practice mode that you wish to go for.

 # 2: The Buy Round

Pic courtesy: Riot Games
Pic courtesy: Riot Games

The ‘Buy Round’ in Valorant is more interactive than its CS: GO counterpart. You have many options to pick from buying, saving and even requesting for a particular gun.

And most importantly, you can buy any gun you wish irrespective of the side that you're on, which is not the case in CS: GO Global Offensive. In CS: GO, once you are on the CT side, you only have access to CT guns like the ‘M4A4’, ‘FAMAS’, ‘AUG’ and the ‘SCAR 20’, while on the Terrorist side, you get weapons like the ‘AK47’, ‘SG553’, ‘GALIL AR’ and the ‘G3SG1’.

Additionally, in Valorant, if you accidentally buy a wrong weapon or buy when your team is saving, then you can return the gun and get your money back. In CS: GO once you accidentally buy, you’re pretty much stuck with that gun for the rest of that round.

#3: The Aiming and gun similarities

Pic Courtesy: Riot Games
Pic Courtesy: Riot Games

Similar to CS: GO, guns have low accuracy when used on the run. But when you’re standing still or crouching, the aim accuracy in the game goes up exponentially.

Valorant also has a gun called the ‘Operator’ which is a lot like the CG: GO AWP sniper in the sense that it's very rewarding and comes with the ‘one shot one kill’ possibility. The risk of the gun, though, lies in the fact that it's not very mobile and the shots get very inaccurate if you’re shooting while on the move. To be accurate with the Operator, you need to stand still every time you take a shot.

In CS: GO, however, the AWP retains much of its accuracy while on the move and one can be very aggressive with how one uses it. The same goes for CS: GO's Scout as well, when compared to the Valorant counterpart, Marshal.

There are two main assault rifles in Valorant; the Phantom, which is very similar to the M4A4, and the Vandal, which is much like the AK-47.

The Phantom possesses a very high rate of fire and is most effective between the short to mid-range mark. The Vandal, on the other hand, has a much slower rate of fire, but is incredibly powerful and is a one-shot headshot no matter which range you’re firing it from.

#4: The Spray Pattern

Pic uploaded by C9 Tenz
Pic uploaded by C9 Tenz

The spray patterns between the CS: GO and Valorant guns are drastically different. So if you’re jumping from Global Offensive to Valorant, despite several similarities between the two games, the spray pattern is a significant point of difference.

The Spray pattern of the automatic guns in Valorant makes a kind of a tree pattern. It first goes up, then to the left and then to the right. You need to compensate your mouse movement accordingly.

#5: Alternate Fire

One amazing aspect about Valorant weapons is that each of them comes with an alternate firing or aiming mode unlike CS: GO.

Only certain weapons like the snipers, Kreig and AUG have an alternate right-click function in CS: GO. However, every gun in Valorant does something unique with the right-click.

Published 20 May 2020, 13:28 IST
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