Videogamedunkey hilariously roasts Nadeshot and 100 Thieves in new video

Image via 100 Thieves
Image via 100 Thieves
Brandon Moore

Jason "Videogamedunkey" Yevgeniy Gastrow took a shot at 100 Thieves and Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag seemingly out of nowhere.

It's actually kind of hilarious. The video is a mashup of many different 100 Thieves moments, with Videogamedunkey doing some voice-over work. He even played Nadeshot himself for a bit.

There was nothing that triggered this, it seems. It was just a random onslaught of hilarity at 100 Thieves, Nadeshot, and the Cash App Compound. Videogamedunkey is known for being quite funny, and this tops his list of knee-slapping moments.

Videogamedunkey's rib-tickling roast of Nadeshot and 100 Thieves

The video starts with a picture of Nadeshot and famous musician Drake, an investor in the 100 Thieves organization. It quickly makes fun of the organization by calling Drake a famous Fortnite player. He is, of course, known in Fortnite for playing with Ninja in the past.

From there, it begins to assault the idea of the 100 Thieves Totino's Fortnite Training. The sponsored room is where the Fortnite players for 100T hone their skills. Videogamedunkey quickly questions it and dives into tearing apart the compound.

The best part of the video is up next as a voice-over mimics Nadeshot and parodies the training room. He calls it the Totino's Chipotle Training Room before mentioning the different games that players train for here.

There's Fortnite and Among Us, then it is called the Pogger Room. It is currently one of the funniest videos in the gaming community, mainly because it touches on the plethora of sponsorships within gaming orgs.

It repeats the words "Cash App, Money, and Content" over and over. The video is only just over 30 seconds, but all 30 seconds are laughable for fans of 100 Thieves or those who understand the workings of esports organizations.

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