Wanderer materials in Genshin Impact: Ascension resource list and cost

Pre-farm ascension materials for Wanderer before his debut (Image via HoYoverse)
Pre-farm ascension materials for Wanderer before his debut (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact recently announced the premiere of its upcoming 3.3 Special Program. Although leaks have confirmed Wanderer's debut in the upcoming patch, the livestream will officially introduce him in the patch 3.3 update.

Players planning to summon the upcoming 5-star character Wanderer, also known as Scaramouche, should start preparing their Ascension materials early. This will make it easier to level up when he debuts later in the month of December.

Travelers can collect all of Scaramouche's ascension materials in the current version of Genshin Impact. This article will guide players on all the ascension materials they need to farm for the Wanderer and how much Mora will be required for his max ascension.

Genshin Impact: List of ascension materials to farm and its cost for Wanderer debut

Pre-farm Wanderer's material in advance (Image via HoYoverse)
Pre-farm Wanderer's material in advance (Image via HoYoverse)

Wanderer is scheduled to be confirmed in the Genshin Impact 3.3 update. This was confirmed in a recent drip marketing post shared by HoYoverse officials in early November. With the 3.3 Special Program announced, it won't be long before the patch 3.3 update is released.

Players planning to acquire Wanderer from his debut banner should start farming his ascension materials. His ascension materials are available in the current version 3.2 update, making it easy to pre-farm the resources.

Vayuda Turquoise

Many bosses drop this in Tevyat (Image via HoYoverse)
Many bosses drop this in Tevyat (Image via HoYoverse)

Wanderer was officially revealed as an Anemo character in his recent drip marketing. Hence, Genshin Impact players must collect Vayuda Turquoise for max ascension. The list below shows how many Vayuda Turquoise you need to get to level 90:

  • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x 3
  • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x 9
  • Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x 9
  • Vayuda Turquoise Gemstones x 6

Travelers can collect this ascension material after defeating bosses such as Anemo Hypostasis, Maguu Kenki, and Shouki no Kami-the Prodigal.

Aeonblight Drake (Perpetual Caliber)

Collect Perpetual Caliber from this automaton boss (Image via HoYoverse)
Collect Perpetual Caliber from this automaton boss (Image via HoYoverse)

Aeonblight Drake is one of the newest bosses added to Genshin Impact. The flying automaton drops Perpetual Caliber as the boss drops rewards. Wanderer uses this boss drop as ascension material. Players need to farm around 46 Perpetual Caliber to max out Wanderer's ascension.

It is advised to take a bow character or single-target-based teams to defeat the boss quickly.

Rukkashava Mushrooms


To level up your Scaramouche, you'll need 168 Rukkashava Mushrooms as a local specialty. This mushroom grows in the wild depths of the Sumeru rainforest, but its unique appearance makes it easy to harvest. Genshin Impact players can check out the YouTube video above to find efficient and fast routes to Rukkashava Mushrooms locations in Sumeru.

Note that once harvested, these local specialties will take around 2-3 days to respawn again.

Handguard from Kairagi and Nobushi


Scaramouche requires several types of handguards for his ascension in Genshin Impact. Kairagi and Nobushi drop these common drop materials. These enemies are commonly found roaming in Inazuma.

Collecting this material shouldn't take much time since these enemies usually travel in groups and have multiple spawn locations throughout the Inazuma region. The table below shows the total number of handguards a player must collect:

Common Drops from Nobushis & Kairagis' Needed for Ascension
Old Handguard 18
Kageuchi Handguard 30
Famed Handguard 36

Ascension Cost

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Players will need tons of Experience books and Mora to max out Wanderer's ascension. Here is a list of the total ascension cost:

  • Hero's Wit x 421 or Adventurer's Book x 1676
  • Mora x 2,092,530

The Wanderer is rumored to debut in the first half of the upcoming patch 3.3 update scheduled to launch on December 07, 2022.

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