Warzone 2: All new vehicles revealed in the trailer

All new vehicles coming to Warzone (Image via Activision/Edited by Sportskeeda)
All new vehicles coming to Warzone (Image via Activision/Edited by Sportskeeda)

Activision revealed quite a lot of details about the upcoming Warzone 2 at the Call of Duty NEXT event. Coupled with that, a trailer for Modern Warfare 2 delved further into its battle royale qualities.

With Warzone 2 arriving on November 16, right after the launch of Modern Warfare 2, the playerbase is eager to get a taste of the game. The Call of Duty NEXT event showcased some of its features, including a desert map called Al Mazrah, movement mechanics, equipment, weapons, and more.


Further attention was lent to the game's vehicle selection. With the incorporation of water-based combat, players will maneuver the corresponding forms of transport. As such, let's take a look at the selection pertaining to both mobility and combat in the upcoming battle royale.

All new vehicles coming to Warzone 2

With the implementation of combat mechanics such as leaning out of a car and firing and mantling onto a vehicle's roof, the potential for vehicular onslaught has been augmented in Warzone 2.


With that being said, the following vehicles have been revealed for the game:

1) Armored SUV

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One of the first vehicles showcased for Warzone 2 was the Armored SUV. This heavily armored monster looks to be a full squad carrier that will keep its occupants safe.

However, that armor will lead to a massive increase in weight, culminating in a significant decline in speed and agility. Regardless, players will love smashing through various barriers and obstacles with this military SUV.

2) Off-roader

Along with the armored military SUV, a rapid off-roader was also revealed at the event. This vehicle doesn't boast the endurance and strength of its bulky counterpart, but offers much more agility and speed.

3) Inflatable Zodiac boats

Due to changes in gameplay mechanics, players can now utilize water crafts. One model showcased at the event was the inflatable zodiac boat. These lightweight vessels are fast, agile and can traverse through narrow waterways of the map.

4) Heavy attack boats

In addition to their lighter counterparts, developers have added heavier attacking crafts with far more armor. These boats are also equipped with a .50cal heavy machine gun turret that can be used to engage enemies. Despite suffering from a larger turn radius and less agility, players will appreciate their sturdy build.

5) Helicopter

Just like its previous iteration, Warzone 2 will also feature aerial vehicles. In this category, two types of helicopters have been revealed so far. One is a lightweight chopper that has been showcased multiple times in the trailer.

The other is a heavily armored beast that resembles a Blackhawk Helicopter. Regardless, both remain excellent options for players.

6) Light Tanks

The most fascinating addition to the lineup is the light tanks. These behemoths can be seen being airdropped in the trailer and overhaul one's combat tactics. Its addition will surely lead to an increased usage of explosive devices and launchers.

Furthermore, Warzone 2 will also see the return of all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and trucks from its predecessor. Rumors of an amphibious combat vehicle are also in the air.

Players will relish the aforementioned selection, but more vehicles are expected to be revealed in the near future.

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