Warzone 2 fans are disappointed with the horrible audio system in-game

Warzone 2 audio tops as a major in-game issue (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 audio tops as a major in-game issue (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is Activision’s latest Battle Royale title that was released on November 16 as the sole heir to the legacy that was created by its prequel. Although the game packs a stunning level of detail that resembles real life, the community has some concerns about its audio quality.

Warzone 2 introduced a plethora of changes that make its pace and playstyle unique, which is rewarding for players who employ strategy and approach gunfights from a tactical perspective. The game has presented some issues with its audio channels that negatively affect the experience.

Fans have pointed out that the sound system that is being used in Warzone 2 is creating problems with the correct cues for several different sounds like walking or even running. This has resulted in a lot of confusion for the player base as gathering intel only through sound cues becomes unreliable if they are inconsistent.

Let us take a look at how these audio issues are causing problems across the board as the community tries to enjoy the promised and improved gameplay.

Warzone 2 audio tops as a major in-game issue

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is a highly methodical Battle Royale that focuses primarily on a realistic approach for every enemy encounter instead of promoting all-guns-out action throughout the massive map of Al Mazrah. It is also a distinct capability of the game that makes it stand out more than any of its competitors in the scene.

There are several types of information gathering in Warzone 2 and the most rudimentary methods consist of visual confirmation and sound cues. Players can see and directly confirm enemy positions and create a suitable plan of attack around them. On the other hand, sound cues are most useful when visuals fail.

The inconsistent nature of the sound cues in Activision’s latest Battle Royale has obscured the ability of players to correctly identify and guess the position of enemy operators. This in turn takes away the ability of the team to stake out secure positions while staying in the safe zone as the match progresses further.

There are other issues with the sound platform in Warzone 2 as well, where players have displayed concerns regarding the absence of any enemy footstep sound cue and other movement activities. This makes it hard to sneak up on unsuspecting enemy teams as players cannot be sure if their footsteps were heard or not.

Even if the sound for every element on the map was fixed, the directional sound system seems to be confusing in nature as they lack clarity and depth. This directional lack takes away the ability of a player to precisely understand the position of a player - whether they are above, on the same level, or below considering the altitude factor.

Fans can expect the developers to take note of this peculiar sound issue that has been occurring for the entire player base in Warzone 2. There might be a deployment of updates and patches all over the air soon to fix this issue more permanently. One can also keep an eye out for the official Twitter pages of Call of Duty and Infinity Ward for live updates.

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