Flying vehicle hack is back in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 flying vehicle hack is back (Image via Activision)
A flying vehicle hack has surfaced in Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone 2 was released on November 16 by Activision as its new front-running battle royale title, meant to carry forward the legacy established by its prequel. The game arrived a few weeks after Modern Warfare 2’s enormous success that skyrocketed its sales and player count.

Warzone 2 features a variety of changes that distinctly separate it from its predecessor, even when they are almost spitting images of each other. The visual platform saw a huge upgrade that packed realistic details to increase the level of immersion for the entire player base.

A new exploit has surfaced on Reddit that shows players using ground vehicles to go airborne and attack players on the map. Hackers plagued the beta testing phase of Modern Warfare 2. Still, the publisher assured the masses that it would not continue as the devs deployed the full force of their new anti-cheat system and subsequently banned multiple accounts that displayed malicious activity.

Take a look at this new abomination that has taken out the fun element from Activision’s latest FPS title.

Warzone 2 sees a new flying vehicle hack

Players trying to experience and enjoy Warzone 2 were abruptly interrupted by something that would be shocking to almost anyone who sees it. A vehicle meant only to be operated over aquatic bodies on Al Mazrah was seen speeding through the sky with passengers on board, raining down hell on the boots on the ground.

A Reddit user and Warzone 2 player with the username Co2Scorpick posted a disturbing clip of some players taking advantage of a hack that allowed them to commandeer an RHIB and drive it in the air. After circling the playing field for some time, the players eventually brought the boat down.

The presence of hackers is not surprising in a massive map-based multiplayer game like Warzone 2 since there has also been a history of such issues in its prequel. However, the community enjoys a clean and fair game that rewards merit and can help players grow to become better.


The developers had assured players that the Ricochet anti-cheat system is one of the most secure and intrusive software that can actively monitor and detect the presence of any third-party executables interfering or interacting with the game maliciously. The surfacing of this absurd hack has left the community on edge as they questioned the integrity of the security measures that the new and improved Warzone 2 has employed.

Several types of hackers utilize unfair advantages to take down others. Some of the most common and encountered forms of hacks are wall hacks, aim snapping, trigger bots, and radar hacks. Each of these provides a specific advantage to the player that helps them see enemy characters through map structures or locking on other players, which results in no shots being missed.

The entire community of esports and gaming should detest and discourage the use of such third-party software that ruins the gaming experience for the entire lobby of players. Fans can expect the publisher to address the issue officially and can keep an eye out on the official Twitter pages of Call of Duty and Infinity Ward.

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