Warzone 2 players frustrated with the 'out of control' latency and packet loss in Season 2

Players are experiencing severe latency and packet loss problems in Warzone 2 Season 2 (Image via Activision)
Players are experiencing severe latency and packet loss problems in Warzone 2 Season 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone 2's second season has brought a lot of new content. The devs have focused on making the community happy by responding to fans' requests, like bringing the 1v1 gulag back and more. The update included a new Japanese-themed map, Ashika Island, exclusively for the Resurgence mode and added new guns to the arsenal.


Significant quality-of-life changes and weapon tweaks were also implemented, making the game more balanced and gamer-friendly. While the community appreciates all of the changes, the most essential aspect of a multiplayer game is lag-free gameplay; however, players are currently experiencing a new network issue and are enraged due to out-of-control latency and packet loss issues in Warzone 2.

The following article will go through everything a player needs to know about the network issues in the game.

The Warzone 2 community is furious because of the network issues that have beset Season 2.

One Warzone 2 user, "ThatNeonMebraAgain," stated on Reddit on March 4th that he has been experiencing significant latency and packet loss problems since the season 2 update. He hasn't played a good match in the last few weeks; the latency looks normal, but he and his teammates have been rubberbanding around occasionally. Some squadmates may have these problems while others do not, and vice versa.

Many other users have also expressed similar concerns in the comments area. One reported having significant ping spikes ranging from 30-60 ms to 100+ ms during the night.

Due to latency, one user achieved an easy and cheesy Resurgence victory; the entire server was lagging, and only four teams and eight players landed on the map.

One user even stated that Xbox lobbies also face severe latency problems, which occurs in every other match.

Based on the comments and responses from the Warzone 2's community, it is clear that players have been experiencing latency and packet loss issues recently, and Activision should take action by checking their servers or providing a patch to reduce these types of issues as they create a negative image for the game.

Possible solutions that players can try out to reduce network problems in Warzone 2

One commenter disclosed that he had been having horrible packet loss and rubber banding and chose to unplug his modem and router for five minutes and plug them back in; he hasn't had any problems since.


Other solutions:

1) Turn Off On-Demand Texture streaming.

One can find this in the Graphics settings and navigate to the Quality section.

2) Try using an ethernet cable rather than wifi.

Connect an ethernet cable as they use a dedicated physical cable that encounters no real-time interference when transmitting data.

3) Stop any background downloads.

When playing any game, you will require most of the network resources that are readily accessible to guarantee a smooth gameplay experience.

4) Try changing the DNS server

The Domain Name System (DNS) server converts domain names to IP addresses. Changing your DNS address can frequently result in quicker load speeds, for better network performance in-game.

5) Finally, if a third-party VPN is activated, deactivate it.

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