Warzone Season 5 Reloaded brings ATMs to BR, loadout cost reduction, weapon recommendations, and more

Warzone update gameplay and quality of life changes (Image via Activision)
Warzone update gameplay and quality of life changes (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone received its final mid-season update and is expected to be the last major update for the title. This update is called Season 5 Reloaded and brings many changes to the fan-favorite title.

The community has faced multiple problems with the game that have been eventually addressed. This update brought new playgrounds and weapons to Warzone but also introduced a few very crucial changes. These were the gameplay and quality of life changes, and the community positively welcomed them.

This article will dive into all the new changes introduced to Warzone with the Season 5 Reloaded update - gameplay and quality of life.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded gameplay and quality of life changes


Call of Duty Warzone has had multiple quirks to iron out, and the community feels the game can still do better to reach its maximum potential. Throughout the updates, the arsenal of weapons went through multiple balancing stages. There were minor tweaks done on the overall gameplay.

Gameplay changes

The first change introduced with the Season 5 Reloaded update is the cost reduction of Loadout Drops as the circles progress.

Loadout Cost Reduction

Similar to how “Titanium Trials” worked, the Loadout Drop Markers in the Buy Station will now cost $500 less per circle.

  • Circle 1 = $10,000
  • Circle 2 = $9,500
  • Circle 3 = $9,000
  • Circle 4 = $8,500
  • Circle 5 = $8,000
  • Circle 6 = $7,500
  • Circle 7 = $7,000, and so on towards the last circle.

This was introduced as a result of a community poll that overwhelmingly received votes in favor of such a change to be introduced into Battle Royale mode to increase better mid-to-late game regain opportunities.

An indicator will also be available near the squad widget showing when the team can afford to call in a Loadout Drop.


ATMs will now be featured in Battle Royale. Activision positively saw the use of ATMs in Plunder and Golden Plunder. They will now be available to provide an additional choice for Players to make when regaining.

Gulag Tokens and Redeploy Tokens

The update also introduces significant changes to these areas in the following ways:

  • Doubled the spawn rate in Legendary Supply Boxes
  • Slightly increased spawn rate in regular Supply Boxes

Quality of Life Changes


Recommended Weapons

Warzone received a major change where players can get notified about weapons that are more preferred in the current meta in the gunsmith to maximize the chances of winning games.

  • Increased the number of Players that will see “Recommended” Weapons appear in the Gunsmith.
  • Weapons from Modern Warfare 2019 and Black Ops: Cold War will also be “Recommended” if they are relevant to the ongoing meta.

Golden Keycard Bunkers

Golden Keycard Bunkers will now have a Yellow Circle highlighted on the Tac Map, making it easier to locate and traverse to their respective locations.

Manual Gas Mask

The Manual Gas Mask text in the settings is improved in the menu to better detail how Players manually equip the Gas Mask. The Gas Mask is moved to be the first entry in the Quick Inventory to create an easier manual equipping option.

Supply Box UAVs

The Supply Box UAVs will no longer show red Rebirth Supply Boxes on the Map to make it easier for players to discern enemy players from the aforementioned boxes. This had become a major issue for players as these blips on the Tac Map were easily mistaken to be enemies in high-loot areas.


These were the Gameplay and Quality of Life changes that Warzone received with the Season 5 Reloaded update. It is a very minute change but with a sizable impact on the players. The community is expected to positively accept the introduced changes as it deals with some of the issues in the game.

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