What did Dream say about the three major grooming allegations against him in recent YouTube video titled The Truth?

Dream's respopnse to the grooming allegations in new video explored (Image via Dream/YouTube)

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has officially responded to various allegations leveled against him in a one-hour, 20-minute YouTube video titled The Truth. The content creator has been talking about releasing a video addressing the accusations for weeks, especially after a burner account on X (formerly Twitter) claimed to have evidence of him being inappropriate with an underage individual last month.

The "Dream Did What" controversy from November 2023 caused the Minecraft content creator to come out and publicly address some of the allegations. He promised his community that he would respond not only to the recent grooming accusations but also to all the other scandals associated with him.

Here is a list of all the major things that he discussed in the video, per the video description:

  • Face Leak controversy
  • Speedrun cheating scandal
  • Manatreed's domestic violence allegations
  • "Thirst Traps" on Snapchat
  • MoistCr1TiKaL's video about him
  • First grooming allegation
  • Second grooming allegation
  • The Gumball drama
  • Dream Did What s*xting allegations

Summing up Dream's response to the various grooming allegations against him in The Truth video

On December 19, 2023, Dream uploaded a video titled The Truth on his main YouTube channel. The video garnered a lot of attention from the community, reaching over a quarter of a million views within the first hour of going live. However, it seems some viewers were dissatisfied with the streamer's defense, with many taking to social media to talk about it.

This article takes a look at how the Minecraft star responded to the grooming allegations against him.

Response to the first grooming allegation

After talking about his Snapchat use and why he responded to fans in the past, the content creator addressed the first allegation brought against him back in 2022. He described it as follows:

"The first allegation made against me was very quickly discarded. It was an allegation of flirting and had some inconsistencies."

The YouTuber added that the first major grooming accusation against him was made a day after his highly-anticipated face reveal back on October 3, 2022, by a girl who claimed he had already shown his face to her while flirting with her when she was underage.

Dream went on to deny the allegations, stating that he did not reveal his face to the girl and never had any inappropriate contact with her.

He also showed alleged communication between them and claimed that one of the screenshots proves the alleged victim had mentioned she was 18 in her bio.

"I didn't have any inappropriate contact with this person. I did not have any se*ual contact with this person. I hardly even remember who this person is at all, and the only messages I can find with this person are Twitter DMs. And even in those Twitter DMs, I mentioned that they had 18 in their bio, which they contradict. I didn't face reveal to them, that's an obvious lie."

"She said she would sue me, she didn't": Dream talks about second grooming allegation

Dream then discussed the second grooming allegation against him. The accusation surfaced only a few days after the first one. The alleged victim posted a series of TikTok videos claiming that the streamer had groomed her during their interactions on Snapchat and Instagram back in 2000 when she was underage.

The YouTuber talked about the accusation for about 10 minutes before responding to them. He also made all of the direct communications between the two public in a link in the description box of the The Truth video.

Dream then stated that after the accusations of grooming, the alleged victim failed to provide any evidence and alleged that he had deleted them. At around 40:43 of the video, he claimed that it was impossible to do that on Instagram and Snapchat:

"Guess what she never posted proof, because this never happened. She tweeted out thanking people for the support and claimed that I deleted all the DMs, right as she tweeted this and specifically said my DMs too. Well, I just want to point out that this is impossible. There is not a single mainstream media platform that lets you delete both people's messages."

One of the major points made by Dream was that the alleged victim had talked about going to the police with the evidence that she supposedly had, even sharing a picture of a police station on her socials. However, he said she never did it:

"Lastly, she tweeted saying that she would get the law involved and go to the police. That she would put me in jail unless I confessed. She said she would provide more evidence, she didn't. She said she would upload her Snapchat logs, she didn't. She said she would sue me, she didn't. And now, I am making this video."

The third grooming allegation: The Dream Did What controversy


Dream then addressed the burner account controversy that occurred last month in November 2023. A viral thread accused the YouTuber of s*xting an underage person. It claimed that he had sent the alleged victim s*xually suggestive Snapchat messages with a clip of a person moaning.

After showing the whole X thread on The Truth video, the Minecraft star denied the allegation, saying:

"Just to reiterate, this is not true. Every piece of evidence is either out of context, edited, blatantly lied about, or presented in a very disingenuous way. Again, I didn't groom anyone, I also was never confronted by any of my friends."

The streamer also called into question the legitimacy of the burner account, pointing out that it was made on the same day as the thread accusing him of grooming was made.

The content creator also included a three-minute clip of the person who allegedly featured in the burner account's messages as a source for the accusation. In it, the source denied the credibility of the grooming allegation.

Here is a snippet from the clip:

"These screenshots are extremely out of context and used disingenuously to tell a story about Dream that isn't true at all. I haven't spoken to Dream in a very long time, but to my knowledge, he has not interacted with underage fans inappropriately or in any way that can be called grooming."

Dream went on to say:

"This is a burner account, making up things. Their story makes no sense!"

The YouTuber summarized his points towards the end of The Truth video and highlighted many false allegations about xQc and Pokimane to prove how easy it is to fake messages.

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