What happened between xQc and Adept? The entire controversy explained

xQc Adept drama explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc Adept drama explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular Twitch streamers Felix "xQc" and Sam "Adept" have been in an on-and-off relationship for some time. But after a very public breakup this September, fans did not know what to make of them until Sam suddenly appeared on Felix's October 30 stream.

The cameo was a surprise for the streamer and his audience, and he immediately got a barrage of questions from the chat, asking if the two had begun dating again. With the controversy unfolding over a 20-hour live stream, the following dives into an overview of what is happening between the two streamers.

xQc x Adept drama: A timeline of the events

Adept's appearance on the stream

While the former Overwatch pro was playing Blizzard's recently released sequel to the hero-shooter, his ex-girlfriend dropped by his place unannounced. He later revealed that Adept's friend had to urgently use the bathroom during their night out. However, what transpired after that with Adept's action on stream kickstarted the drama.

As seen in the clip above, she walked up to xQc as he was streaming and kissed him on the neck from behind before walking away. The intimate moment immediately caught the attention of thousands of viewers, and questions started flooding in about the current status of their relationship. The clip was heavily circulated on social media, accruing many reactions.

xQc denied being in a relationship

As the clip started going around the internet, the streamer was getting more questions about Adept. During one of his Overwatch 2 gameplay, he bluntly told his audience that they were not together and that people insinuating otherwise were "dumbf*cks:"

"You guys just put weird labels on everybody like a bunch of dumbf*cks. Okay?"

Sensing the impending fallout online, the streamer explained that he did not want anybody to attack anyone online before clarifying that both steamers were single. He said:

"And don't attack anybody, don't attack anybody, that'll be weird. Okay? We haven't been together, we are not to-together and that's okay."

xQc explains his side of the story with Adept

The couple broke up in September during quite a tumultuous time for the Twitch community, with the Shi*Camp controversy, the ItsSliker gambling scandal, and the Mizkif case. When xQc reached the 19-hour mark of his October 30 stream, he decided to go public with his side of the relationship troubles.

During a long conversation with his audience, the streamer revealed that he had initially tried to move on but, after meeting Adept at a party in LA, thought they could get back together.


After getting in contact with her, he realized it to be a mistake and stopped trying to rekindle his former relationship. This is why he stated that Adept dropping into his house was not as scandalous as some fans were making it out to be.

After giving a lot of backstories, xQc finally got to what had happened during the stream at around the 11:40 mark in the video above:

"And then the game's over and I look back... You know, and then things kind of get unhinged. Because then, I look back and she shows me a hint that, you know, I've been with somebody else. Which is fair enough. And then I'm like, 'Yeah.' But then, she says, 'Oh,' like, 'Me, too.' Which I'm like, 'Okay.' And then I mute the stream. And then I mute the stream because it's like, you know, I don't think it's so much of a big deal, it's part of moving on."

xQc went on for several minutes, talking about the difficulties he was having in moving on with his life and how he hoped to have cleared up all the confusion surrounding Adept's appearance on stream.

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