What is the start date for Destiny 2 Season 17?

Players can anticipate the release of Season 17 as coming later this month (Image via Bungie)
Players can anticipate the release of Season 17 as coming later this month (Image via Bungie)
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Destiny 2 The Witch Queen's Season 16 is reaching the final stages, and Season 17 is inching ever closer. This means players may be wondering how much time they have to complete all the seasonal content for Season of the Risen.

The good news is that while the new season is coming soon, users still have a bit of time to tie up any loose ends they may still have.

When does Season 17 start in Destiny 2?


Gamers have been actively completing various seasonal challenges as Season 16 comes to a close. Like every previous season, Season 16 features seasonal content that must be completed before its end to claim the rewards.

But as players wait for Lightfall to release, they will be able to await new improvements to the game with the upcoming Season 17.

What is the release date for Season 17 in Destiny 2?


Season 17 is expected to release very soon, with the official date being May 24. This means that Season 16 will have run its course for 91 days, and users can expect the new season to last for the standard amount of time, i.e., between 90 to 120 days, barring anything unexpected.

Those who participate in Season 17 can expect various improvements in the game added in the new season.

Season 17 will bring new raid rotation into mix of Destiny 2

With each new season Bungie releases, they tweak the game and add new content. For Season 17, there will be a new rotating raid system that will allow gamers to seek out weekly and seasonal challenges as they play through a lineup of different raids to earn rewards.

Item crafting getting overhaul in Destiny 2 Season 17


The current crafting system is a great addition, but it can be a little confusing and cost-prohibitive. In the new season, Bungie aims to make this feature easier for players to understand and reduce the number of materials needed to craft items.

Users will no longer need special Legendary components to craft and will not need as many materials as a whole.

Trials of Osiris getting some changes


For gamers who want to participate in this high-tier PvP event, some changes will be made to how the map rotation works in the event. There will be seven different maps that the mode will rotate through, with users even being able to decide on one of them through a vote.

They can also expect an overhaul to the Adept weapon reward system as details are fleshed out for the upcoming season.

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