Where can players find Brother Corhyn in Elden Ring after he disappears from the Roundtable Hold?

Finding Brother Corhyn in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)
Finding Brother Corhyn in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring)

Brother Corhyn is one of the most important NPCs in Elden RIng, especially for players who are seeking to go for a more Faith and Incantation oriented build.

While he can initially be found near the Site of Grace in the Roundtable Hold, his location eventually becomes prone to sudden changes, and he disappears from his initial spot.

When it comes to learning new Faith spells and powerful Incantations, Brother Corhyn sells many of them when the Tarnished brings him Prayerbooks.

In exchange for the item, he automatically makes many spells available for sale, making him quite an important character for Faith players.

However, fans are confused about where to find him after he disappears from the Roundtable Hold. Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help them out.

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Finding Brother Corhyn in Elden Ring


From what has been gathered so far, Brother Corhyn will only move out of the Roundtable Hold after players beat the NPC Mad Tongue Alberich invasion there and collect the Cipher Pata.

After beating the invasion, Corhyn will mention that he wants to find the Goldmask, which players will remember to be the same character that was mentioned in the introductory cinematic.

After reloading the Roundtable Hold, players will find that Corhyn has disappeared, and they will find them next in the Altus Plateau, next to the place where one can find the area’s map fragment. There he can be found sitting on a wall, and as usual, he will be selling new Incantations in exchange for Prayerbooks.

Then on the northern side of the Altus Plateau, players will find a large broken bridge where they can encounter the Goldmask. After talking to him, players can either go back to Brother Corhyn and report it to him, or they can keep it to themselves.

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If players opt not to talk to the NPS about the Goldmask, then he won’t budge from the spot and will continue to sell incantations from there.

However, if one decides to reveal the location of the Goldmask to him, then he will once again move from the spot and will be found in two locations in this order.

  • He will first be found outside the coliseum in Leyndell.
  • He will eventually move on from there and will be found on the bridge to the south from the Stargazer Ruins in Mountaintops of the Giant.

It’s important to note here that if Elden Ring players are looking to complete Brother Corhyn’s questline but do find him dead at any point of the progression, they can continue to complete the steps with Goldmask.