Where to find and destroy Shrubs in Fortnite Season 6

Help kyle remove all shrubs in Fortnite Season 6
Help kyle remove all shrubs in Fortnite Season 6
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Kyle really seems to hate shrubs in Fortnite Season 6, to the extent where he's tasking players with destroying every last one. Players looking for a fun way to level up their Battle Pass shouldn't miss the opportunity to uproot these shrubs in Fortnite.

The challenge is divided into five stages; each stage requires players to destroy more and more shrubs. To start this challenge, all players need to do is find a shrub and destroy it.

As stated before, the challenge has five stages and will take some time and patience. The required number of shrubs to be destroyed per stage are 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500.

Each stage cleared will reward players with 12,500 experience points, and once all five stages are complete, players will receive a grand total of 62,500 experience points.

Where to find and destroy Shrubs in Fortnite Season 6

Before getting started on the quest, it's a good idea to keep in mind that only bushes/shrubs that can be destroyed with one harvest tool swing will add to the progression of the quest.

Two kinds of shrubs can be destroyed for the challenge, small leafy shrubs with large leaves and rose bushes.

While there are many good locations where shrubs can be found in Fortnite, two of these are the best: Retail Row and Pleasant Park.

Retail Row

The best place to land is the far-east side of Retail Row. While finding all the shrubs will be a bit tricky, there are approximately 80+ shrubs that can be destroyed in this area. This is arguably the best place to land to complete this quest quickly.

maxleonoyt] Retail Row

Players must keep in mind to go from house to house and search the area thoroughly as the shrubs are scattered around. While in Retail Row, players can also collect literature samples and ignite structures with fire for extra experience points from other challenges.

Pleasant Park

This is the second-best location to destroy shrubs in Fortnite as a large number of shrubs can be found lying about. However, due to the good loot that is also available at this location, players may have a hard time completing the challenge here.

A good idea would be to drop in with a team and secure the area before proceeding with destroying shrubs or dropping multiple times to complete the task. As with Retail Row, it would be smart to move from house to house to avoid being caught out in the open.

Another good location to destroy shrubs in Fortnite is Holly Hedges; however, Retail Row and Pleasant Park are by far the best locations to complete this challenge.

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