Where to find the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring

A strong skill for Bleed builds (Image via THE GAMER EYES/YouTube)
A strong skill for Bleed builds (Image via THE GAMER EYES/YouTube)

One of the newest mechanics in Elden Ring are Ashes of War. This can greatly increase combat efficiency by applying a special skill to a weapon or shield, such as Parry or Sacred Vow. The fun part is swapping Ashes of War from one weapon to another, mixing and matching abilities for delicious combos and builds.

For example, the Bleed effect can be powerful in Elden Ring. With enough applications, an enemy will experience blood loss and take a considerable amount of damage.

Using the Seppuku Ash of War, players can apply the Bleed effect at a faster rate, in addition to increased damage.

Elden Ring: Loot the Seppuku Ash of War from an invisible Teardrop Scarab


You will have to kill an invisible Teardrop Scarab. As if they weren’t already tedious to catch and kill in the first place (as melee), this one, in particular, isn’t visible to the eyes. Thankfully, the invisible Teardrop Scarab leaves behind hints to its location in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

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Unfortunately, reaching the Mountaintops of the Giants means defeating several mandatory boss fights, like the infamous Starscourage Radahn. The Mountaintops of the Giants is split into two major areas. Each area requires a different medallion: the Rold Medallion and the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallions.


With access to the Mountaintops of the Giants, make your way to the northern area—preferably the Freezing Lake site of grace. Turn towards the lake with Torrent and ride into the lake until you come across the first two large trees to your left and right. Weave them around until you spot the white, glowing footprints.

To catch the invisible Teardrop Scarab, here’s what you do:

  • Step 1: Find a good spot that blocks the scarab’s path and wait for it to come back around again, with your weapon ready. AoE weapons are particularly effective but not necessary.
  • Step 2: When the invisible Teardrop Scarab approaches, immediately slash the air when it’s a few feet away. Attacking the scarab will reveal it.

With the Teardrop Scarab now dead, the Seppuku Ash of War. To apply it to a weapon in Elden Ring, you’ll need swords or polearms that can thrust (excluding small and colossal weapons). You can also access the Blacksmith in Roundtable Hold or the Whetstone Knife.

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