All Scarab and their colors in Elden Ring explained

Go bug hunting in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware)
Go bug hunting in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring is a massive game, packed with interesting activities and strange ways to get ahead. Just like all previous Soulsborne games, the game features a tiny animal that can be hunted to improve the player's performance.

Scarabs are comparable to the Dark Souls series' Crystal Lizards. They skitter rapidly away from the player, but if they're caught, they carry some useful material and items.

Handling Scarabs in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring's Scarabs are often strategically placed and extremely fast. They don't attack, they run away, often leading the player into greater danger. Stay very aware of the surroundings when pursuing a Scarab.

The easiest way to deal with a Scarab is with a ranged attack. Use a good bow and arrow or a decent Incantation to take them down. Chasing them is often inefficient, not to mention possibly dangerous. Thankfully, however the player kills a Scarab, their dropped item is immediately placed in their inventory.

There are a couple of different kinds of Scarab players can encounter in Elden Ring.

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Silver Scarabs

Dull silver in color, these insects can be found rolling a large dung beetle-like ball of trash. These insects drop weapons, armor, incantations, or Ashes of War.

These Scarabs take off fast, so players will need to chase them down or shoot them accurately to gain their treasure. They primarily carry Ashes of War, but Incantations, Sorcery, and even weapons aren't uncommon.

Teardrop Scarabs

The other type of roving Scarab is called Teardrop Scarabs, and they don't drop any items or gifts. Instead, these glowing bugs instantly refill one use of the player's flasks.

There are Crimson and Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs roving the world of Elden Ring. Their obvious glow gives away which of the two flasks they'll refill. Just take them down and the corresponding flask will be refilled for a single charge.

Take note that the Scarabs cannot refill more uses of flasks than the player has access to. As long as gamers have empty flasks on their hip, these Scarabs are important and useful.

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Scarab Talismans

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Frustratingly, Elden Ring also has a few Talismans that are named after colored Scarabs, making researching this topic a bit confusing. There are also helms crafted from the deceased Scarabs, which serve as armor.

The Golden Scarab Talisman sits in the Abandoned Cave and can be accessed after defeating the Cleanrot Knights. Using it increases the runes a player earns from defeating enemies.

The Incantation Scarab is a vibrant yellow color that can be found after looting the Homing Instinct Painting. It's a helm that applies a variety of defensive effects to the player's head. The Glintstone Scarab does the same but can be found in Raya Luaria Academy.

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