Who are the co-founders of OfflineTV? Exploring the streamer organization's origins

Tracing the origins of OfflineTV (Image via OfflineTV/ YouTube)
Tracing the origins of OfflineTV (Image via OfflineTV/ YouTube)

OfflineTV, OTV for short, is a content group comprising of streamers and gaming personalities based out of Los Angeles, California. The organization was founded in 2017 by former professional League of Legends player Scarra, and has become an integral part of the online streaming community.

The collective is based on collaborative content including prank videos, vlogs, and game streams featuring the group. Their content can loosely be classified into seasons. Despite pulling in a lot of viewers due to the League of Legends' gameplay, the group's content has evolved to include everything from board game nights to game shows.

As they travel around Japan for the summer, let us take a deep dive into the origins of OTV and how it came to be such a big phenomenon in the streaming community.


Tracing the evolution of OfflineTV

The OTV wiki states that OfflineTV was co-founded by Scarra, BasedYoona, Pokimane, and Chris Chen. LilyPichu, who recently made a transition from Twitch to YouTube, is also a founding member of the organization. Here is a list of everyone who was at the very start of OfflineTV:

  1. William "Scarra"
  2. Imane "Pokimane"
  3. Lily "LilyPichu"
  4. Christopher "Chris"
  5. Orlando "BasedYoona"
  6. Federico "Fedmyster"
  7. Georgie “Pokelawls”
  8. Mark "MarkZ"
  9. Josh "Xell"
  10. Pecca

Popular streamer Disguised Toast joined the roster soon after, completing the first season of OTV.

Scarra coming up with the streamer organization

In an interview with Inven Global, Scarra shared that the initial thought behind something like OTV was an impetuous desire to live with a bunch of friends who would make cool content together. In fact, his first idea was not even a house for streamers, but for Viners:

"We wanted to be big Viners and popping off on content. Never f***ing happened. We failed so hard there that the only way to get better was to double down and try it with this new house with twice as many people. This is how OfflineTV actually happened."

The unofficial father of the group, Scarra's dream of creating a house for content creators ultimately led to the creation of the group as we know it. It was, however, not always smooth sailing.


As any OTV fan can see, the starting roster did not make it for long. A series of departures followed before the group started their second season. Importantly, co-founder Chris Chan left the group with his wife Pecca to focus on starting a family. Their highly successful webcomic Hubman and Chubgirl can be found on Instagram.


PokeLawls, being a Canadian, had to get a visa to continue at the OfflineTV house in California. Unable to obtain it, the streamer had to leave. BasedYoona left after some miscommunication amongst the group and they apologized to him on video for the messup.

In 2020, Fedymaster was removed from the group after inappropriate behavior towards Lily and new management hire, Yvonne.

Streamer Albert "Sleightlymusical" left OfflineTV after it was revealed that he cheated on LilyPichu with another streamer. AriaSaki had to leave the group after her dietary problems and conflicting sleep schedules.

Additions and current roster

Over the last two years, many content creators have joined OTV. Michael Reeves, Lily's current boyfriend, has now become an integral part of the group and frequently collaborates with the members. The streamer couple QuarterJade and Masayoshi joined in 2021, with Sydeon as the last member of the current group to join OfflineTV.

The OTV universe is vast and has featured so many streamers outside the group that a separate "extended universe" called OfflineTV & Friends has been coined to refer to the numerous collaborative streams they do together.

Streamers such as Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Fuslie, and Valkyrae may not be OfflineTV members, but have become the stuff of streamer legends due to Among Us and Fall Guys' content.