Will Hogwarts Legacy feature other Unforgivables, in addition to the showcased Killing curse?

Casting an Unforgivable curse (Image via Sportskeeda)
Casting an Unforgivable curse (Image via Sportskeeda)

The recently-concluded Hogwarts Legacy's State of Play showcased a fresh in-depth look at the upcoming highly-anticipated RPG. The gameplay reveal unveiled the game's mechanics, locations from the wizarding world, the motley characters present, the lives of the students, spell casting and much more.

Interestingly, in terms of spells, the reveal also showed the player character casting the Killing curse.

Based on what players have seen in the State of Play, dueling and spell casting will play a major role during the players' exploration and playthrough in Hogwarts Legacy. Many players have wondered before if the Unforgivable curses will be a part of the game's repertoire of spells.

That was just a taste of #HogwartsLegacy — your full adventure in the Wizarding World is still to come.

Although that had seemed unlikely at the time, Hogwarts Legacy might possibly allow players to use them.

Will players be allowed to use Cruciatus and Imperius curses along with the Killing curse in Hogwarts Legacy?

Around the 14 minute mark of the PS5 gameplay reveal, players can see the protagonist utter the Killing curse as a green burst of magic is emitted out of their wand at an unidentifiable subject.

Given that the game reportedly features a morality system, the Killing curse can be incorporated through that into one's gameplay.


If the developers allow players to choose if they want to be on the side of good or evil, they can do so by implementing the Unforgivable curses into the game. This moniker is given to the three sinister spells that are usually utilized by those who are evil.

According to the Harry Potter wiki:

"They [Unforgivable Curses] were tools of the Dark Arts and were first classified as "Unforgivable" in 1717, with the strictest penalties attached to their use. The three curses consisted of the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra), Cruciatus Curse (Crucio), and Imperius Curse (Imperio)."

Given that using any of these would result in the person being thrown into Azkaban right away, it was quite a shock to see the same being featured in the game, and that too, being used by the player character. One must remember that Harry Potter, himself, used two of the three Unforgivable Curses, Cruciatus and Imperius, during the original saga.

He faced no repercursion, possibly because the use of those curses was made legal during the Second Wizarding. Similarly, the protagonist may be exempt from using the Killing curse because they use it during a supposed goblin rebellion and rumors of an impending disaster.

So you can use the killing curse in Hogwarts Legacy. Definitely gonna be a Slytherin, with Big Draco Energy!

But players will be more intrigued to see if the developers include the Unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy as an unlockable option open to players depending on their moral spectrum. Cruciatus and Imperius can be freely used to help the evil wizard in their quest, while the Killing curse can be used in special cases when the players wish to wreak havoc.

If the latter is the scenario where players can choose to be the kind of wizard or witch they want to be and can cast the Unforgivable Curses, it is likely that the developers will add some kind of deterrent in Hogwarts Legacy which will work to punish the player for their misgivings.

Wizarding duels, magical beasts, curious classes, and exploration abound. The magic unfolds in this first look at Hogwarts Legacy gameplay:

Speculations apart, this is an exciting development for players to ponder on. A fleshed-out dueling mechanic is already something that players would love to immerse themselves in. The possibility of using sinister spells opens up new possibilities for one's playthrough.

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