XDefiant's The Division faction 'Cleaners': All abilities explained

All the abilities that the Cleaners possess in XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)
All the abilities that the Cleaners possess in XDefiant (Image via Ubisoft)

XDefiant is a fresh new title developed by Ubisoft, currently in its closed beta stage. It provides a one-of-a-kind setting with a unique form of gunplay mechanism in which two teams of six battle against one another. Currently, the game features characters known as factions from some of Ubisoft's major titles, such as Far Cry 6, Splinter Cell, The Division, Ghost Recon Phantoms, and Watch Dogs 2.

Every faction in the game has specific and distinct skills that affect the outcome of every match. So players need to be aware and have adequate knowledge of all the abilities that each character possesses in the game to employ or counter them correctly. The following article will mention all the necessary information about the Cleaner class in XDefiant.

Understanding Cleaners faction powers in XDefiant


XDefiant is a fast-paced game that requires strong collaboration, smart gunplay, and ability usage. Since it is a new title, players must experiment with different strategies and faction combinations to win.

Gamers will be able to test out numerous tactics thanks to the unique collection of skills that each character possesses. Still, they will require the right understanding of their abilities to apply those successfully.

The Cleaners are a group from The Division world that appears in XDefiant and is known as Pyro Technicians in the game. According to The Division's lore, they are one of the primary enemy factions. They are fierce in nature since they play with fire and heavily rely on equipment that can burn enemies down.

Abilities of the Cleaners (Image via YouTube/GamersPrey)
Abilities of the Cleaners (Image via YouTube/GamersPrey)


Activated Ability:

  • Incinerator Drone: A napalm-delivering drone burns everything to ashes in its path.
  • Firebomb: Detonates a Molotov cocktail, which will cause explosive damage and ignite the area.


  • The Purifier: A flamethrower guarantees that adversaries are completely sterilized.

Passive Trait:

  • Incendiary Rounds: Incendiary ammunition deals more burn damage but reduces weapon range.

Based on the abilities listed above, we can conclude that this class can aggressively drive foes and hold a region with the assistance of their flaming talents, such as Firebomb and Incinerator Drone. Players should mainly employ this character to aggressively assault foes since its incendiary ammunition deals significant damage at close range but diminishes with distance.

The class's ultra ability unleashes havoc by equipping a flamethrower that can utterly incinerate adversaries in a moment.


Although XDefiant is yet to be officially released, gamers can participate in the limited beta and see what the game offers. Players should note that the game's servers are not flawless. One may encounter various in-game difficulties.

The XDefiant closed beta is live and will be available until April 23, 2023.

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