xQc tells HasanAbi that he wasn't invited to QTCinderella's event, fans speculate why

xQc recently informed HasanAbi that he wasn
In a recent xQc livestream, the Juicer told HasanAbi that he wasn't invited to QTCinderella's Christmas party (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent Felix “xQc” stream, the Juicer was chatting with HasanAbi about various topics. One major subject that came up towards the end of the stream was QTCinderella’s Christmas event. While the streamer did not explicitly state why he wasn’t invited, it didn’t stop fans on Reddit from speculating.

Felix told HasanAbi the reason, albeit through a private message on Discord, instead of publicly informing his fellow streamer. Several Redditors have their opinions on the matter and have been discussing it ever since the livestream clip went viral.

xQc informs HasanAbi that he wasn’t invited to QTCinderella’s event

(Clip begins at 14:07:39)

While reacting to an Asmongold stream, xQc and HasanAbi spoke about their holiday plans. HasanAbi stated that he was planning to go to a few stores with Sykkuno, and later head to QTCinderella’s Christmas party. With Hasan asking him if he was going as well, Felix confirmed that it wasn’t happening:

“I was not invited, so I’m not gonna show up.”

HasanAbi was baffled that xQc wasn’t invited to the event, although it seemed like he knew why Felix wasn’t invited. At this point, xQc privately messaged Hasan the reason on Discord after telling the latter not to react or respond out loud:

“Kay, open Discord, don’t say anything, don’t react, I’ll tell you something.”

HasanAbi stated that the other streamer didn’t even have to tell him and that he likely already knew the reason. While neither party spent any more time on this subject, their communities picked up on this topic and began discussing it.

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop the two streamers from making their own plans. xQc stated that he would hang out with HasanAbi before he went shopping, but it’s unlikely that Felix will crash the party.

Here is your program for tonight:

Why was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch not invited to QTCinderella’s party? The internet, as always, has its thoughts and opinions on why the streamer wasn’t invited to the Christmas get-together.

Reddit discusses QTCinderella’s party and why xQc wasn’t invited

While many people had thoughts on this topic, one of the most prevalent reasons seemed to be “because Adept was likely already invited.” Considering that the two streamers recently broke up, it would be safer to avoid any kind of drama, should the two interact. Not only did they recently break up, but it was a fairly public and controversial affair.

What was the worst thing Adept did, according to one Reddit user? Date xQc (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)
What was the worst thing Adept did, according to one Reddit user? Date xQc (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)

Nevertheless, a few fans joked about Adept and xQc. When one Redditor asked what Adept had done wrong, another fan joked that it was because she dated Felix.

Another Redditor broke down what went down between the two streamers in their eyes, while another user, u/adroitlyPatent25 disagreed and gave the facts as they saw them. A few others pointed out that QTCinderella and Adept are friends, so it made sense not to invite Felix.

Redditor adroitlyPatent25 didn't necessarily agree with everything one user stated in the thread (Image via Reddit)
Redditor adroitlyPatent25 didn't necessarily agree with everything one user stated in the thread (Image via Reddit)

At the end of the day, QTCinderella doesn’t have to invite anyone that she doesn’t want to, but her decision seems to have led to unhappy replies from fans of xQc. A Redditor also highlighted this, while pointing out that the popular Twitch streamer rarely attends events that he’s already invited to.

Nevertheless, there was public sympathy for QTCinderella on the LiveStreamFails subReddit as well.

While the drama surrounding Adept and her ex-boyfriend seemed like the most obvious answer, a few others would joke about it, highlighting other streamers that Felix is close to, such as Sodapoppin and Forsen.

It remains to be seen if Felix will show up uninvited for the Christmas get-together, but it seems more likely that the streamer will make other plans.

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