2022 F1 Hungarian GP: Qualifying Predictions

Charles Leclerc had a strong run in the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP Free Practice sessions
Charles Leclerc had a strong run in the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP Free Practice sessions
Charanjot Singh

The first day of the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP is now in the rearview mirror and along with a lot of answers, it leaves us with a lot of questions as well. The first day has had two sessions where Ferrari appears to be leading the charts quite comfortably.

So, is it all going to be smooth sailing for the Italian team during qualifying? What about Mercedes? How good is the car here? Or Aston Martin? The team appears to have brought a nice little invention to the track. How will the teams perform in qualifying? Who will be on pole position when all is said and done? We're here to answer all these questions as we predict for you what you can expect from the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying.

Disappointment of the session (Team)

If we go by the forecast then there appears to be an 80% chance of rain during the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying. If that happens, one thing that is going to be crucial during the session is a car's ability to generate temperatures into the tires. On a track like the Hungaroring where there is one corner after the other and they all come without any respite, this should ideally not be a problem for any car.

Tricky FP2 for us. Plenty of work to do overnight, so we'll get our heads down and come back stronger tomorrow ๐Ÿ’ช

If the first two practice sessions are any indicator, however, Mercedes is in a spot of bother. The car is fast, undoubtedly has good pace, and has shown it all season. Having said that, the team's first day of running was not that impressive. Add to that Mercedes' Achilles heel when it comes to generating temperatures in tires, which will only get worse if it starts raining. If it rains, Mercedes might just have to brace itself for a rather average showing at the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying.

Disappointment of the session (Driver)

Aston Martin has effectively lost a talented driver in Sebastian Vettel to retirement for the 2023 F1 season. All of this on the eve of introducing an interesting modification to the car that should be quite handy in a race like the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP.

That's a wrap on FP2 at the Hungaroring.Plenty of data to study overnight as we get ready for qualifying tomorrow. ๐Ÿ‘Œ#F1 #HungarianGP

Aston Martin appears to have a strong car here. Strong enough to enter Q3? The team will surely have a chance. Having said that, with Vettel on his farewell tour in these last 10 races, Aston Martin desperately needs Lance Stroll to step up. Looking at the time sheets, however, it does not seem that way.

Stroll is significantly slower than Vettel and if that continues in qualifying, he will end up compromising his race. Looking at the form guide, expect Stroll to disappoint during the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying, especially when compared to his teammate.

Surprise of the session (Team)

Remember 2022 F1 Monaco GP? Lando Norris was able to outqualify both Mercedes cars. Do you know what the Hungaroring is called? It's called 'Monaco without the walls'! True to form, McLaren has looked spectacular in both the sessions, and this time around, it's not only Norris but Daniel Ricciardo as well who is snapping at the heels of his teammate.

Another strong session for the team after both practice sessions today at the #HungarianGP. ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บFull focus on quali day tomorrow! ๐Ÿ‘Š

McLaren appears to enjoy tracks that lean more towards slow-medium speed corners and this is just another one of those. For 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying, expect McLaren to be better than at least Mercedes cars irrespective of dry or wet conditions.

Surprise of the session (Driver)

It's almost a travesty that Lando Norris does not have the car to challenge at the front of the field. Every time the young McLaren driver gets an opportunity, he has almost over-delivered in the car, especially in qualifying. The track layout for the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP does appear to suit McLaren this weekend.

Keep an eye out for Norris in qualifying. He could be pulling something special out of the bag.

Top 3 in 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying

It's not tough to predict the top 3 drivers this season, especially with Ferrari and Red Bull so far ahead of the rest of the field. With expectations of rain during the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying, however, we're going to gamble a bit.

P1 and P3 in #FP2 for Charles and Carlos ๐Ÿ‘Œ#essereFerrari ๐Ÿ”ด #HungarianGP

This season, irrespective of whether it rains or stays dry, both Ferrari and Red Bull have shown the capability to not let that put a damper on their performances. Simultaneously, however, McLaren appears to be strong here and this is where we take the punt. For the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP qualifying, we're picking Lando Norris to qualify in P3!

The top 2 you ask? Well, it's hard to look beyond the class and talent of Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. The two drivers will be at the front of the grid with the Ferrari driver once again scoring pole position.

What's your favorite race of the 2022 season so far? Tell us in the comments below..

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