2023 F1 Dutch GP: Top 3 teams desperate for a strong result

Belgium F1 GP Auto Racing
Aston Martin at the Belgium F1 GP Auto Racing

The 2023 F1 Dutch GP will kickstart the second half of the season after the summer break. The season has seen Red Bull in a manner that not many would have expected. The Austrian team has not lost a single race this year and conceding only a handful of pole positions.

Red Bull will be hoping to continue its run of winning every race this season in the upcoming 2023 F1 Dutch GP.

Having said that, the race does come at a crucial time for other teams as well. Unlike Red Bull, for these teams, the second half of the season is the opportunity to start gaining ground on the leader.

With the 2023 F1 Dutch GP being the first race after the summer break, many teams will be hoping to kick things off in the best way possible. There are a few teams, however, that would be more desperate than the others.

Who are these teams? Let's take a look.

2023 F1 Dutch GP: Top 3 teams who need a strong result

#1 Alpine

Amongst all the noise around the 2023 F1 Dutch GP, one should not forget one very important fact. Alpine does not have a team principal or a sporting director heading into the race weekend.

If we talk about sentiments around a team and how things have been operating, it's a complete job to see the way Alpine has fallen apart.

The team expected to close the gap to the front amongst other things at the start of the season. To see the way the entire management has capitulated is surprising and what's worse is that Otmar was shown the door without a replacement in place.

The team is in turmoil right now and to prevent any kind of external negativity from the media, Alpine will be hoping to score a few points this weekend.

#2 Ferrari

Ferrari is coming to the 2023 F1 Dutch GP on the back of an impressive podium in Spa. The race worked out well for Charles Leclerc, who put together an impressive weekend overall.

Coming to Zandvoort, the track is expected to be a good one for Ferrari. The slow-speed sections tend to work well for the car and it doesn't struggle as much as it does in the fast-speed sections.

The Italian team should expect a challenge from McLaren and Mercedes this weekend but if Ferrari nails everything, a podium is a possibility for sure.

Coming off a summer break, Ferrari will be looking to keep the consistency going and try to get a podium at the 2023 F1 Dutch GP.

#3 Aston Martin

The second half of the season is crucial for Aston Martin because we're looking at a time when the team has its back against the wall.

The start of the season was arguably the best-case scenario for the team. The car was a regular podium contender, and Fernando Alonso made good use of it.

Things changed, however, with Aston Martin's upgrade in Canada. The upgrade seemingly dragged the team down and the situation looked even worse with Mercedes and McLaren ramping things up in terms of their performance.

Aston Martin has become a points contender from a podium contender early this season and this definitely would not go down well with the team.

The 2023 F1 Dutch GP is the first opportunity to get back on track and the team will be hoping to make it happen.

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