Formula 1- Top 5 Conspiracies

Conspiracies of Formula-1
Conspiracies of Formula-1

The Secretive side of Formula One

Formula One has been ruling the world of racing since its inaugural session in 1950 and fans around the world follow the sport religiously. F1 is considered to be the King of motorsports where the driver's along with their finest car's display their skills and tactics with the dreams of claiming their first points, the first podium, first win, and the ultimate goal, world driver's championship title.

A coin always has 2 sides and therefore behind all the glitz and glamour of the sport, lies an equally dark side too. Yes, you heard it right. Since the Formula One world championship began, there have been several controversies and conspiracies involved. There have been stories related to F1 which many refused to believe but they proved to be right when investigated. Here we have a look at the top 5 Conspiracies in Formula 1.

#5 Benetton Traction Control- 1994


Benetton B194

It was found that they used a launch control system which was not removed post-1993 as instructed. The team's stance to hinder legality was exposed which they used to reduce pit stop length but it was found no strict actions against the team for breaching technical regulations in B194Despite using the underpowered Ford engines, Benetton rose to the front of the grid in the year 1994 which gave way to cynical speculation that Benetton team were running an illegal traction control system on B194 to gain the advantage of speed. After an outbreak of public rage, FIA analyzed the internal software of Benetton cars

#4 William's Strange Weekend- Spanish GP 2012

Maldonado during Spain GP, IMAGE SOURCE- wiki
Maldonado during Spain GP, IMAGE SOURCE- wiki

It was thought to be a part of his secretive crowd-pleasing agreement with F1. While Senna's car caught fire after the race, many still question how Maldonado's FW34 had such intense and strong pace around Catalunya, a circuit which is viewed as a benchmark for overall car performance in Formula OneFollowing Hamilton's disqualification, Pastor Maldonado secured the pole position at Spanish GP in the year 2012 and ultimately went on to claim victory. This gave Williams their first victory after the 2004 Brazilian GP and it happened to be on the day of team founder, Frank William's 70th birthday. With Maldonado scoring just a further 20 points in races excluding Spain and having out-qualified Bruno Senna by a great margin of 2.7 seconds, people made strong assumptions that Maldonado's car, FW34 had been using illegal fuel/tyre.

#3 The Error at Sainte Devote- 2014 Monaco GP


Mercedes apologized to Lewis Hamilton for what they admitted was the strategic error that cost him the victory at Monaco GP in 2014. Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said: "The answer is we got the maths wrong. That one goes on the team and I apologize. He's a great leader and a great driver. I am sure he will understand sometimes we make errors."Rosberg set the fastest time in his first run during the Q3 and elected to leave the pits, being first of Mercedes duo on the track, Rosberg set a slow first sector on his final lap, followed by a lock up and using the escape road at Sainte Devote. The incident brought out yellow flags that forced Hamilton to stop who had a personal best first sector time and this automatically handed pole position to Rosberg which he converted into a victory.


#2 McLaren's Mysterious Mishaps, 2007

McLaren's mishaps in Formula One season 2007. IMAGE Source- wiki
McLaren's mishaps in Formula One season 2007. IMAGE Source- wiki

Some believed that the team used the remote override of Hamilton's engine in Brazil thereby dropping him down the field. In spite of these incidents, no solid evidence was found against the team to prove McLaren guilty of their actions.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was the least expected to win the 2007 title as the crowd favorites were the Mclaren duo, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. Lewis was four points clear of his teammate and seven clear off Raikkonen, but his the title dreams vanished with the loss of drive in the early stages of the race.

With McLaren inexplicably leaving Hamilton in China until his car tyres lost complete grip and again his car losing 40 seconds of drive in Brazil, people believed that it is team's strategy to covertly concede the Driver's World Championship Title as a part of Syngate Scandal.

#1 The Lost Telemetry- San Marino GP 1994

Fatal Crash of Senna at San Marino GP- 1994 IMAGE Credit- wiki
Fatal Crash of Senna at San Marino GP- 1994 IMAGE Credit- wiki

It posed a lot of questions, as to why the last and critical moments before Ayrton's fatal crash went missing? Further, the matter became much complicated when the unusual issue of loss of telemetry rose up. On the analysis of the black box, it was found that the connection with Senna was lost just before his fatal crash. Senna's teammate Damon Hill suggested that accident happened due to overcorrection of a loose and unstable car but we all mourn this sorrowful incident. After the fatal crash of Ayrton Senna that took place at San Marino GP in 1994, Italian Law suggested that the incident must be treated as a crime rather than a mere accident resulting in a trial that implicated several high profile members of the Williams Team. The chassis was immediately impounded by the police after the accident, onboard camera footage from world TV feed remained lost.

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