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Formula 1- Top 5 Conspiracies

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:27 IST

The Secretive side of Formula One

Conspiracies of Formula-1
Conspiracies of Formula-1

Formula One has been ruling the world of racing since its inaugural session in 1950 and fans around the world follow the sport religiously. F1 is considered to be the King of motorsports where the driver's along with their finest car's display their skills and tactics with the dreams of claiming their first points, the first podium, first win, and the ultimate goal, world driver's championship title.

A coin always has 2 sides and therefore behind all the glitz and glamour of the sport, lies an equally dark side too. Yes, you heard it right. Since the Formula One world championship began, there have been several controversies and conspiracies involved. There have been stories related to F1 which many refused to believe but they proved to be right when investigated. Here we have a look at the top 5 Conspiracies in Formula 1.

#5 Benetton Traction Control- 1994


Benetton B194

It was found that they used a launch control system which was not removed post-1993 as instructed. The team's stance to hinder legality was exposed which they used to reduce pit stop length but it was found no strict actions against the team for breaching technical regulations in B194Despite using the underpowered Ford engines, Benetton rose to the front of the grid in the year 1994 which gave way to cynical speculation that Benetton team were running an illegal traction control system on B194 to gain the advantage of speed. After an outbreak of public rage, FIA analyzed the internal software of Benetton cars

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Published 26 Oct 2018, 19:37 IST
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