"The song s*cks; How does this man have time to drive a F1 car"- Fans react as McLaren's Lando Norris turns DJ for a night

F1 Grand Prix of Italy
Lando Norris during the F1 Grand Prix of Italy. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

McLaren's Lando Norris is known for all his various other talents apart from being an F1 driver. The young Briton is an entrepreneur, streamer, and golfer, but has now added another to the list. His newfound DJing skills are now making the news. A video of Lando Norris spinning records at a club caught people's attention and fans are enjoying it. They were pleasantly surprised at how he has time to drive an F1 car with all his full-time extracurriculars.


Here's how fans reacted to it:

Lando Norris is good friends with the famous Martin Garrix. Norris was also previously spotted joining Kygo's set at the Miami GP.

Lando Norris said McLaren car suited Daniel Ricciardo more

Lando Norris is currently seventh in the drivers' standings, a good 69 points ahead of his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. These results ignited rumors that McLaren had the car favoring Norris and his driving style.

However, on an episode of the Beyond the Grid podcast, Norris elucidated that this wasn't the case and if anything, it suited Daniel Ricciardo better.

“There have been things said that he doesn’t suit the car, and everyone thinks that I do suit the car and the car is made around me and all of that stuff, but it couldn’t be more untrue."
"Not that I hate driving the car I am driving now, but it’s very unsuited to my driving style. I would say at the beginning of the year it suited Daniel a lot more than it suited me in terms of how you had to drive it."

Norris struggled to adapt to the car at the start of the season, but got hold of it after a while. He completely denied the car having been more tuned to his rhythm and driving.

“That’s something I really struggled with at the beginning of the season and I’m coping with or have adapted to it a lot more now. I would say [I’ve become] more well-suited to it. We do drive in different ways, and therefore what we request from the car is quite different. But by no means is it anywhere near more adapted to me than to him."

McLaren are currently fifth in the standings. Next up in Singapore, they'll be looking to build on their substantial 55-point lead over Alfa Romeo in sixth while closing the 18-point deficit to Alpine in fourth.

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