Netflix's Drive to Survive 'allows us to pay all the salaries", says McLaren F1's CEO

McLaren's Zak Brown had some kind words for the Netflix series
McLaren's Zak Brown had some kind words for the Netflix series

Netflix's Drive to Survive has been regarded as a great addition to F1, especially due to the way it has brought a new audience and new eyes to the sport. Having said that, the show has also received quite some criticism for the way it has portrayed a few things.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown, however, feels that drivers need to understand that the audience Drive to Survive brings help to pay their bills, despite the somewhat improper portrayals.

Brown said:

“I think Netflix has been outstanding for Formula 1. I’m happy we’ve renewed another couple of years. Our whole ecosystem starts with the fan and when you get the fan, you have countries that want to hold races, you have broadcasters that want to spend money and broadcast our event, which then all trickles down to the racing teams, which then allows us to pay all the salaries of the men and women that work at our racing teams, drivers included.”

Zak Brown acknowledges the disconnect that might be there in Drive to Survive

Simultaneously, though, there was a level of acceptance from Zak Brown in the way Drive to Survive does involve a level of dramatization. He acknowledged that there was certainly a level of disconnect for not only the drivers but also the other members of the paddock as well.

Despite that, Brown, like any other educated businessman, was quick to recognize that even though that was the case, the Netflix series helps pay the bills and enhance the way the teams and the drivers make a living. He said:

“And I think sometimes there’s a disconnect by various people in the sport and I’m not just saying drivers, that don’t kind of piece together and when they say I don’t want to race here, I don’t want to do this or I don’t want to be on that that the ecosystem ultimately all feeds down to all of us making a living out of this great sport. So I think we need to stay fan-focused, recognize what Netflix has done for our sport. I think we can maybe tighten up some of the way they show the content that is made for television, so it’s to be expected it will have some dramatization to it as long as they keep the theme accurate and I think we’ve given them that feedback.”

Drive to Survive has seen an extension of two years, especially based on the impact it has had on the US market. With that in mind, the series, probably with a few alterations in the future, is here to stay.

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Edited by Anurag C