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Top 20 Best F1 Drivers of all time: Part III

Jack Price
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F1 Grand Prix of Brazil - Qualifying
F1 Grand Prix of Brazil - Qualifying

Before starting to write this list I could feel this might be controversial, this list is very much opinionated and every F1 fan has their own order of who was the best.

These 20 drivers that I am going to highlight over four articles demonstrate what it takes to make it at the pinnacle of motorsport.

They are what makes F1 great, winning world championships, being respected among fellow racing drivers and teams within the sport and of course being a favourite among the many fans that travel around the world to follow the sport.

This is my list in terms of the 20 best drivers in F1 history.

This is the third article which highlights the drivers from 10th to 6th:

#10 Nelson Piquet

Nelson Piquet
Nelson Piquet

First driver into the top ten best F1 drivers of all time is Nelson Piquet, a driver that wasn’t the most popular on the grid but that was not something he cared about, he only cared about driving. He had a passion for racing and that showed with 23 GP wins and three world championships.

In 1980 Nelson won three races for Brabham whose boss was Bernie Ecclestone, he finished second to Alan Jones in the championship. The 1981 season proved to be his first success, he won 3 races that season and along with many podium finishes, he became world champion. He did the same in 1983 battling Renault’s Alain Prost to claim his second title.

He hated being in the limelight and after the 1983 season he considered retirement, he was persuaded by Niki Lauda to purchase his own private jet to make life easier, this allowed Piquet to continue racing but the lifestyle took its toll. More money became hugely important for Piquet with his lavish living becoming costly, he asked for more money from Brabham but 1984 and 85 weren’t great seasons for Brabham and could not offer him that, Frank Williams, on the other hand, offered to triple his $1 million retainer and so Piquet joined Williams-Honda.


The problems at Williams started from the off as both drivers hated each other and in the 1986 season Piquet and Nigel Mansell were too preoccupied fighting each other that Alain Prost sneaked past both in the championship and went on to win. The 1987 season saw Mansell win more races with six wins to Piquet’s three but the Brazilian went onto win the championship. After a few more years in the sport, racing for Lotus and Benetton, he only achieved 3 more wins at Benetton and decided to retire from F1 in 1991 at an amazing age of 40.


World Championships – 3 (1981, 1983, 1987)

GP Entries - 207

GP Wins – 23

Podiums – 60

Last Win – 1991 Canadian GP

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