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Winners and Losers of the F1 2018 season

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It's party time for Lewis and a few others
It's party time for Lewis and a few others

Finally, with the curtain call at Abu Dhabi, the 2018 season came to an end and it was a history-making season. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton again won the title after a first half of the season where they seemed to be in a spot of bother.

It was closely contested at the beginning with Mercedes taking the lead by the end of the season with the best car and of course the best driver. The season also marked the end(for now?) for the career of Fernando Alonso as he takes a sabbatical and leaves a seat vacant at Mclaren.

The next season is bound to have some changes in the pecking order with a new less complicated front wing specification to be introduced to promote better overtaking. The season also marks the end of the perennial underdogs of F1, "Sahara Force India" as they were taken over by the conglomerate Headed by Lawrence Stroll.

It was the season which gave an opportunity for many youngsters trying to make their mark in F1 to shine and many of the youngsters were able to impress massively and some even got the jump to major teams for next year, while others sadly missed out.

It was a season which was expected to be a thriller but through so many faults and unforced errors from his competitors, Lewis was able to turn this championship fight into a cakewalk.

Many drivers, when they look back at the 2018 season would call it "mission accomplished" while for some it would be a season to they head into the winter break on the back of a not so good season.

Let's take a look at the list of drivers who would look back at this season pretty happy while others who would be disappointed that they could never get their act together.


#1 Lewis Hamilton

Numero Uno of 2018
Numero Uno of 2018

Who else could it be? The biggest winner of 2018 is the guy who got the biggest prize in F1, The World's Driver Champion, Lewis Hamilton.


2018 is going to go down as the year when Hamilton peaked. A season where he hardly put a step wrong, was always on the attack and destroyed his opposition both on track and mentally.

The season includes some of his best race wins of all time. With the win in Germany and in Monza to be counted among the best wins of this generation.

By putting in a season like this in a car which was, at times, not the fastest Lewis has firmly cemented his place among the greats of the sport and for sure can lay the claim to be the best driver on the grid.

The question that would be on everyone's mind is where does Lewis go from here? After putting in a peerless performance what does Lewis bring for the next season?

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