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10 signs the only religion you follow is Football

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You’re a football fanatic, and you know it! Nothing bothers you as much as a loss and nothing makes you more happy than a win. You’d even miss your best friend’s wedding to watch a football game, and no matter what people say, nothing changes.

We’ve all been following the game for a long, long time, and if you do even 4 out of the following; stop kidding yourself and tell the world -


10. During the football season, the only days that matter to you are the weekend.

9. You love your best friend, but that love automatically turns into hate the day both your teams are playing each other.

8. You believe strongly in this -

football church

7. You find it extremely easy to break the ice with someone who watches football, and better still, supports the same team as you.


6. You bond with people while watching games and you even carry out certain rituals before each game.

5. You stay away from meeting ANYONE if your team’s lost an important match. You become dead to the world.

4. During the Transfer Window, you check Twitter/Sky Sports at least 100 times a day. 80/100 times you feel like doing this - 

3. You find it hard to maintain a relationship. Worshiping your team takes up all your time.

2. Going shopping is ONLY exciting when there’s a sale at Nike, Adidas or any other sports store.

1. You hate, absolutely loath, a player of a rival team. You abuse him on screen and off the screen. But hey! He’s the reason why your Fantasy Premier League Team scores the highest points every week!