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Inter Milan: 2011/12 Serie A Fixtures and Predictions

824   //    29 Jul 2011, 20:20 IST
Last night the 2011/12 Serie A fixtures were announced and three of Inter Milan‘s biggest games will come on the 3rd, 10th & 18th weeks of the season.  The dates of these fixtures could possibly be changed depending on how the teams involved do in other competitions, but for this I am going to list all our fixtures for this season as the dates given and give a brief prediction of how I think the matches will go.
This year’s season will start at the end of August and finish in the middle of May.  I, for one, am really looking forward to it after what has been a bit of a long strange summer transfer window.


 There is only one league fixture in August for Inter this season.

28th – Lecce (H)-This should be a fairly easy fixture for Inter to ease them in to the new season and I see us taking the full 3 points in this game.


 11th – Palermo  (A)- I can see this being a fairly tough game so I’m going to say that this will end as a draw and we will take a point

18th – Roma (H) – With so many new factors for Roma this will be a bit of an unknown for us but i think home advantage will be enough for us to take the win 3 points

21st – Novara (A) - The 4th week sees us traveling away to new boys Novara which should be a walk over for us so that means another 3 points for us

25th – Bologna (A) – Just 4 days later and we’re away again this time at bologna and i think as this will be our 3rd match in 7 days this could be our 1st defeat of the season so no points this week for us

 Predicted points at the end of Sept = 10


2nd – Napoli (H) – This won’t be an easy fixture but I  think we will take the win here and add 3 points to our total.

16th – Catania (A) – Another fairly easy win on this fixture and 3 more points in the bag.

23rd – Chievo (H) – Chievo are notoriously a team that fight tooth & nail so I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold us to a draw on this one even though we’re at home.  1 point

26th – Atalanta (A) - In the 9th week we’re away for this regional derby but I think we’ll take the win and points. 3 points

30th – Juventus (H) – With everything that has happened recently this could be a very scrappy match but there is only one way I can see this going (What kind of an Interisti would I be if I didn’t!) 3 points and a big smile, this one’s for Facchetti

 Total points at the end of October = 23 points


6th – Genoa (A) – Genoa are never a walk over so this one could be tricky so I’m going to play it safe with this one and go for a draw.  1 point

20th – Cagliari (H) – This should be a fairly easy win for the Nerazzurri, so 3 points here.

27th – Siena (A) – Again I can’t see this fixture causing us too much trouble even if we were playing with just 2nd choice players.  3 points

 Total points at the end of November = 30 points


 4th – Udinese (H) – I have never understood why but historically Inter have always struggled against Udinese so even though we’re at home I’m going to predict a draw for this one.  1 point

11th – Fiorentina (H) – A win here for us agaist Viola, though they will put up a good fight.  3 points

18th – Cesena (A) – Last game before the Christmas break and a bit  of tiredness may be creeping in, I think we’re likely to have a lapse in concentration giving us just 1 point from a draw.

 Total point at the end of December = 34 points


 8th – Parma (H) – Games against Parma are generally good to watch and I doubt this one will be an exception but I think Inter will have the edge and take the 3 points.

15th – AC Milan (A) – It’s almost unbelievable we’ll have to wait till mid-Jan for the derby (Lucky we’ve got the Supercup next week) Normally I would say Inter would win but as they have got home advantage I think it could end in a draw.  1 point

15th – Lazio (H) – Lazio have strengthened pretty well this summer and will have had time to gel so this could be a tricky one for us, so I’m going to play it safe again and go for a draw.  1 point

29th – Lecce (A) – And so that brings us round to the second round of games for the season and I can’t see there being much difference in Lecce’s quality from the 1st round so again I’m going for an Inter win.  3 points

 Total points at the end of January = 42 points


 1st – Palermo (H) – Just 3 days after the Lecce match this could prove to be a difficult one for us and as much as I hate to say it this could be our first home defeat so that will be 0 points.

5th – Roma (A) – Another difficult game with hardly any time in between and this time away at the Olimpico could be two loses in a row I’m afraid. 0 points

12th – Novara (H) – I think by this point, Novara will be looking at relegation in the face so it’s back to winning ways for the Nerazzurri.  3 points

19th – Bologna (H) – Bologna are another team I think will be facing a relegation battle by this point and playing us won’t help. 3 points

26th – Napoli (A) – This match is likely to be just after a Champions league match for us so we may drop a few more precious points here.  1 point

 Total points at the end of February = 49 points


 4th – Catania (H) – Should be an easy 3 points at home for Inter.

11th – Chievo (A) – As I said before, Chievo can be tricky so as they’ve got home advantage I’m going for a draw.  1 point

18th – Atalanta (H) – The second Lombardy derby of the season and I think Inter will have enough to take the 3 points

25th – Juventus (A) – The second Derby d’Italia falls two days before my Birthday so I’m hoping for a gift of 3 points from my beloved team.

 Total points at the end of March = 59 points


1st – Genoa (H) – Should be a hard fought match but Inter should have an advantage and take the win.  3 points

7th – Cagliari (A) - Even though the opposition are at home I think this should be a fairly convincing win against what is a mid to bottom table team.  3 points

11th – Siena (H) – Another relegation battle team and another 3 points for Inter.

15th – Udinese (A) – As I said earlier we seem to struggle against Udinese and as this will be our third match in a week I can see us losing this one. 0 points

22nd – Fiorentina (A) – April is looking to be quite a packed month so Inter’s players will be feeling it especially at this stage of the season so I’m going for a draw on this one.  1 point

29th – Cesena (H) – Another mid to bottom table team and what should be another win for us even if most of the 1st choice players are rested for this we should still be comfortable.  3 points

Total points at the end of April = 72 points


2nd – Parma (A) – I can’t see any other result than a win for us here.  3 points

6th – AC Milan (H) – It’s the second to last game of the season and at least the 3rd derby, and i’m going to go for an Inter win here.  3 points

13th – Lazio (A) – Lazio on the last day of the season, this brings back bad memories & I just pray it’s not an omen, this time though I feel we will win this fixture and secure our 19th Scudetto if we haven’t already.  3 points

 Total predicted points for the end of May/ Season = 81 points

So there it is, the full Serie A fixture list for Inter & my predictions, though I do realise that fixtures may get moved and circumstances may mean Inter don’t do quite as well in some matches as I’ve hoped for, but if I’m close to the mark on most of these I truly believe that we can gain enough points to secure that 19th Scudetto and move one step closer to that second star.

So what’s the official verdict from Inter on the schedule?  Ernesto Paolollo spoke to Sky Sports saying It’s given us an extremely difficult run-in with the derby and Lazio away, which will also be tough, but we have to accept it as it is.” He then continued “There can be no match-ups between the top teams in the midweek fixtures, so naturally all the big matches are at the beginning, the end, or right next to European games,” speaking about the Inter vs Napoli tie in Week 6, which will be played on 2 October immediately after Champions League Matchday 2.

Gian Piero Gasperini also commented on the schedule “After the opening-day match against Lecce, who are never easy opponents, we go straight into games against some of the best teams, starting with an away trip to Palermo. But the main thing is to make sure you are ready for it and we have the possibility to do that; we’ll also have the time to do it when we return from Beijing.”  If the start of the 2011/12 Serie A campaign is a “tricky” one for Inter, according to Gian Piero Gasperini, the business end of the season will be Amazing. It will end with a bang. The coach left the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti with a smile: The end of the season will feel very… English,” by which he meant that all the games will be decisive – against teams who are likely to still be playing for something.  Let’s just hope that Gasperini does a good job and keeps Inter in the running so he gets to see the end of the season with the club.

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