Dani Alves admits there was 'penetration' as he finally confesses he cheated on wife Joana Sanz in court statement

Alves is currently facing charges relating to allege rape
Alves is currently facing charges relating to allege rape

Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves has reportedly stated that there was a "penetration" during his sexual encounter with a young woman who accused him of rape, according to a report by Marca.

The Brazilian was arrested on Friday (January 20) on allegations of sexually molesting a young woman at a nightclub in Barcelona. The incident was said to have taken place on 31 December last year. He was immediately detained without bail.

Alves had initially denied meeting the complainant but eventually admitted to being with her at the Sutton nightclub on the specified day. The former Barcelona and PSG star has now appeared to center his defense on claiming that the act was consensual between him and the lady.

His reason for providing what now seems to be inconsistent statements was that he didn't want to make known his infidelity to his partner, Joana Sanz. Alves has been married to the popular Spanish model since 2017, after ending his marriage to former spouse Dinora Santana.

Sanz, on the other hand, has reportedly stood by her husband since the rape allegations broke out last month. The couple were also seen together on Monday (February 6) for the first time since his arrest.

She also did reveal after meeting her husband that she will stand behind him in his worst moments, amid reports of a possible divorce. In her exact words, while addressing the press, Sanz said:

‘'I am not going to abandon him [Dani Alves] at the worst moment in his life."

Dani Alves' ex-wife expresses shock following the arrest of the Brazilian star over rape allegations

Dani Alves' former wife has revealed that she was surprised following accusations linking him with rape.

Dinorah Santana, who was married to the former Barcelona and PSG star, stated that she believes her ex-husband is innocent. While speaking in an interview as reported by the Daily Mail, she said:

"I'm still in shock. It seems like it's a nightmare and it's not happening. Dani will never, ever, ever do this. 'I say this because I've known him for 22 years and was married to him for ten. This has been a shock for me and for my children."

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