"If you have to protect yourself from something, you call on God" - Ex-Arsenal star rips into Paul Pogba for hiring a witchdoctor and contradicting Muslim beliefs 

Nasri rips into his French compatriot
Nasri rips into his French compatriot

Former Arsenal attacker Samir Nasri has ripped into Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba for hiring a witch doctor, which contradicts his Muslim beliefs.

The football world has been shocked by revelations that Pogba enlisted the help of a witch doctor and the alleged reasons for doing so.

His brother, Mathias Pogba, has claimed that the witch doctor was ordered to put a curse on Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe.

Paul Pogba has told police that a witch doctor was employed, however, only to prevent himself from sustaining injuries.

Mbappe has reportedly since called the Juventus player to understand his role in the ongoing situation.

The allegations surrounding the use of the witch doctor have drawn the ire of ex-Arsenal midfielder Nasri.

The now retired former French international has said (via Get French Football News):

"He (Paul Pogba) is a contradiction. He is a Muslim. If you have to protect yourself from something, you call on God, not a witchdoctor."

Pogba has ran into injury issues throughout his career, with his time at Manchester United being plagued by numerous fitness problems.

The Frenchman made 233 appearances at Old Trafford, scoring 39 goals and creating 54 assists.

The midfielder has since returned to Juve yet again on a free transfer but injury issues have once again emerged.

Pogba sustained an injury to his right knee which required surgery but he has put this off in order to play at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

He is yet to make an appearance for the Old Lady since his groundbreaking return this past July.

Paul Pogba's problems come to light

The Pogba family in dissaray
The Pogba family in dissaray

Prior to the allegations of the player being involved with a witch doctor, he had released an Amazon documentary that did not sit well with fans.

The documentary titled 'Pogmentary' is currently rated on iMDB at a shockingly low 1.1/10.

Fans were given an insight into how his departure from Manchester United to Juve ensued for a second time in a row.

However, the behind the scenes issues with relation his brother have not been publicized until now.

The Juve midfielder claims that his brother conspired with childhood friends to blackmail him.

This came after his brother released the video below:

Bizarre video from Mathias Pogba (Paul's Pogba’s brother) where he claims he will reveal some things about his brother Paul, his agent/lawyer Rafaela Pimenta & Kylian Mbappe

The player's lawyers released a statement reacting to the bizarre video released by Mathias Pogba about his brother's alleged use of a witch doctor, saying:

"Mathias Pogba's recent statements on social media are unfortunately not a surprise. They are in addition to threats and extortion attempts by an organized gang against Paul Pogba."

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