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SK Adda: Which club has conducted the best transfer business so far?

4.02K   //    30 Jul 2016, 19:52 IST
The top comments
The top comments

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Jaskeerat Singh Modi

It has to be Juventus. They signed players in quality and also in quantity. Although they might lose Pogba to Manchester United (I support the red devils), I still think that they have had the best transfer window till now.

Syed Mohammad Saad

I'll have to say Borrusia Dortmund because after so many years finally there's something for their fans to rejoice about. Yes, they lost Hummels, Mkhitaryan and Gundogan but (and this but is important) they also just bought in 7-8 highly exciting players with the likes of Schurrle, Emre Mor, Marc Bartra, Dembele and not to forget Mario Gotze (damn I'm so excited that he's back).

Shravak Shakya

Liverpool. Because we got Klopp making bargain buys alongside big name signings. The team has shaped up really well. Even mystery signings like Grujic and academy starlets like Woodburn appear solid under Klopp. I am sure he will mould Liverpool into contenders by his ways. And the best part is that they spent less money than Manchester United have lined up for Pogba.

Tapan Jindal

Arsenal any day of the week. They have shown tremendous consistency and have rightly trusted Giroud for the next season. I'm pretty sure the Gunners are really happy at the predicted champions league spot, especially after the signing of a world-class Japanese (?) striker. I don't remember his name, but if Wenger thinks he's world class, hurray! #inwengertheytrust #4thplacetrophy #Wengergod #justkiddingwengerout #WENGEROUT!

SK thinks: Giroud is love. Giroud is life. Keep calm and stay fourth.

Aditya Kommajosyula

It’s Manchester United. Because they bought the players whose positions were necessary for Manchester United to strengthen. We needed a winger and we bought Mkhitaryan. We needed a striker and we bought Zlatan (that too as a free agent!). We needed a centre-back and we bought a strong and versatile defender, Bailly. We only need a central midfielder and if we buy Pogba then Manchester United, who are having a great transfer window, will become the PL title favourites!

Aakash Upadhayaya

FC Bayern München Are the Club with most successful transfer period so far. The transfer window is about offloading and signing players. They have signed Hummels and Renato Sanches and were quick enough to sell Gotze to reduce wage bills. Maybe Manchester United have signed better players, but they still have work to do in this window by selling the dead wood in the team.

Rahul Maheshwari

Juventus! Hands down. 

Higuain: A little hyped, but when it comes to his club career he has been really good. His last season in Serie A was his best with him scoring a record 36 goals.

Pjanic: Great Midfielder. Brilliant with set pieces and creating chances out of nowhere. 

Dani Alves: The man gets better with age. He had a superb spell with Barcelona and hopefully will be a success at Juventus too. One of the greatest in his position. 

Benatia: Great defender and with Juventus already being a defensive force, he will be a great addition.

Morata left but Higuain is a perfect replacement for him. Also with Dybala on the side, it'll be fun watching them team up. The only disappointment would be Pogba leaving.

Varun Kumar

Manchester United’s transfer window may have been high profile, signing three major players, but Barcelona has made the most efficient transfers of the season. Four high-performing players all in their prime and raring to go, and they have been economical signings as well.

Nishaat Nazeem

It should be Manchester United unanimously. They have been able to complete 3 top quality signings so far with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Eric Bailly. Even Paul Labile Pogba is on the verge of joining this list as well. The monetary value of all four signings combined will reflect how financially strong Manchester United is, compared to any other club in the world. They have no issue in splashing above £250m in one season for transfers whereas 75% of the clubs in the Premier League aren't even valued at that amount of money if they were to be sold. Glory Glory Man United.

SK thinks: So then spending over a quarter of a billion pounds and not challenging for the title counts as good business. Maybe we can arrange a sit-down with Raghuram Rajan for you.  

Harsh Pandey

Liverpool is doing great. The main reason is that the main players bought in this window are tried and tested in the Premier League (Mane and Wijnaldum) and the two defenders had a good season in the Bundesliga. On top of that, their age does matter. A good goalkeeper who has a lot of potential and the squad is getting some depth without spending a fortune for just one player.

Rishav Maity

Manchester United are doing what they do best – stupidity. Liverpool and FC Barcelona have done great. They spent smartly and are building a team for the future. I believe Dortmund is the team to watch out for, while Juventus have only one signing who can raise the bar – Alves.

SK thinks: Dortmund certainly are a team to watch out for. But what about Higuain, Benatia and Pjanic for Juventus?

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