Sunderland star Jermain Defoe accused of breaking a stripper's marriage for the second time

Jermain Defoe
Jermain Defoe has made the news this time for his actions off the pitch
Parikshit Pawar

England striker Jermain Defoe is making news for the wrong reasons and could soon appear on a divorce paper. Defoe has been alleged by Tony Calvert of sleeping with his wife and breaking their marriage, not once but twice. Interestingly, Calvert is apparently a Newcastle United fan has accused the striker who plays for arch-rivals, Sunderland.

Speaking to Sunday People, Calvert confirmed that his marriage had earlier ended and accused Defoe of being the reason behind it. However, Calvert and his wife, Rachel Segalofsky, seemingly got back together only to file for another divorce six weeks later. Now, he intends to name Defoe in the divorce papers as he wishes to separate from his wife being the victim of what he termed as ‘adultery’.

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Calvert said, “I’ve read that he doesn’t drink and that he’s a born-again Christian. That may be the case but he’ll still sleep with another man’s wife. He has broken up a marriage and a family, twice. They’ve dragged me through the mud and I feel like I’ve been used. I’ve been a fool but I won’t be fooled again. That’s what I’ve asked my solicitor to do. It’s what ­happened. She left me for him. I’ve got nothing left to lose. I am divorcing her on the grounds of adultery and he’s the other guy. My main concern is our daughter so I’d better not say too much at this stage.”

This is not the first time Jermain Defoe has been accused of cheating. Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd accused him of ­three-timing her, and his relationship with 2008 X Factor winner Alexandra Burke ended badly in 2012 after he was caught cheating. Defoe’s other exes include David Beckham’s sister Joanne, and single mum Stephanie Moule, who claimed she was his mistress for seven years. Calvert used the striker’s history to gather premise for basing his accusations.

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He said, “I don’t know if she has been ­blinded by his wealth or maybe she does believe they are in love. But look at his track record. Rachel says they love each other and I’ve heard they’ve been on days out playing happy families. Maybe there is a one percent chance that she’s the girl who turns him round?”

Tony Calvert married Rachel who worked as a stripper for Pussy Galores in Newcastle before she moved on to another club, Blue Velvet. Calvert revealed he found out about the ongoing infidelity some time after the couple’s first divorce when they got back together.

Tony continued, “When we got back together she told me she first met him on a night out in Newcastle. A couple of nights later he went to the strip club in trackies and hoodie. They let him in and he asked for her. He pursued her even though he knew she was married.”

Jermain Defoe has played for a number of Premier League clubs including West Ham, Portsmouth and Tottenham, and scored 19 times in his 55 appearances for England. Presently, he is left out of new manager Sam Allardyce’s England squad for the World Cup qualifiers.

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