The week in memes - Part 1

Editor’s Note: We like to provide you something different with every article we publish. In our latest attempt, we try to induce humour into the most interesting news of the week that went by. We will try to make it a weekly issue, if there are enough news items to be covered. We hope you like it and share it with your friends.

Without much ado, we kick off.

Inspiration: Kenny Dalglish’s quote, “We have got a problem winning games in the league. We have to educate ourselves and maybe we have to not play the lovely football that we have been.” Someone needs to tell him that there is nothing beautiful about their game, except Andy Carroll’s ponytail.

Inspiration: Ryo Miyaichi said of Fabrice Muamba, who is recovering after a cardiac arrest, “[Fabrice] was the first player who talked to me when I came. He greeted me in Japanese.” We wish Muamba a speedy recovery, and Ryo a successful career.

Inspiration: Arsenal‘s comeback under the captaincy of Robin van Persie to go above Spurs, after being 10 points behind them in January. Respect for Arsenal, Robin van Persie and Arsene Wenger.

Inspiration: Patrick Vieira says that Sir Alex Ferguson’s move to bring back Paul Scholes was one of desperation. Sir Alex retorted by saying that Roberto Mancini played Carlos Tevez as a sub, after claiming he would never play for Man City again. Roy Keane wasn’t particularly impressed by Sir Alex.

Inspiration: Inter sack Claudio Ranieri mere hours after Massimo Moratti claimed that he would remain as the head coach till the end of season. If there ever was a troll owner, it would be Moratti. Not that Inter fans are complaining.

Inspiration: The pure comedy gold that is the circus at Inter does not end with that. Andrea Stramaccioni, who was appointed the new head coach, was so unknown that he did not even have a Wikipedia page to his name.

Inspiration: The happenings at Inter are right out of a comic. Mario Balotelli who visited the first press conference by Andrea Stramaccioni ended up hogging all the media attention himself. Here is a video of the same.

Inspiration: What the comic says. Djibril Cisse gets another red card against Sunderland to add to the one he got against Wolves. Mark Hughes wishes he hadn’t signed him, even though he scored 4 goals in 5 matches.

Inspiration: Same as above. Pic courtesy Abhinav Kini.

Inspiration: Philosiraptor is confused as to why Kenny Dalglish speaks of fixture congestion even though they aren’t in Europe. It’s one thing taking the blame off the players, quite another providing excuses for every small failure. Pic courtesy Abhinav Kini.

Inspiration: Frank Lampard stating the obvious that Chelsea aren’t as good as they used to be. We predict that this will give rise to a series of quotes by many a player, including Patrice Evra stating “I can’t defend”.

Inspiration: Another gameweek in which Andy Carroll and Fernando Torres failed to score. Though, to be fair to the latter, he played only 16 minutes. Pffft, as if otherwise…

We hope you enjoyed a hearty laugh, without getting offended at any of the pictures. We would like to remind you that none of these were meant in any way to offend any sections of fans, or to disrespect any player or staff. If you like the article, please be sharing.

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