Top 11 dumbest things done by footballers off the pitch

Charles N
Charles N’Zogbia might be quick but he cannot run from the police
Modified 26 Oct 2016
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Footballers earn reputation and fame through their performances on the field. The popularity that they earn has its pros and cons, though. Like the French philosopher Voltaire quoted, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The stardom that these footballers enjoy calls for them to act responsibly.

A wrong answer to the media can haunt them for days to follow. Anything they say or do will be used against them if there is anything controversial involved in their acts. The footballers are aware of this and they try to tread with caution. However, it doesn’t help every time. There are cameras ready to flash at them, the moment they make a mistake – it doesn’t matter who is at fault.

This is exactly what happened to the footballers we are going to talk about next. Some of them didn’t do it intentionally, but luck didn’t play a major role in scripting the outcome in all the stories. Many of them deserved the harsh treatment they received for the stupidity involved in their acts. They knew that their acts would turn into nightmares if it flashes on TV screens, but they couldn’t help it, because they were either too ignorant to notice, or too unlucky to go unnoticed.

But what is the dumbest thing done by a footballer on the pitch? How many footballers have made fools out of themselves? It is time to find out. 

#11 Charles N’Zogbia’s driving test

French footballer Charles N’Zogbia is good at driving the ball with power, but when it comes to driving on the road, he might have some trouble reading the signs.

The then Wigan Athletic player had to attend his driving test, but he was not prepared for the theory part of it. The player found a way out to skip this part, as he paid someone else to sit the theory part of his driving test.

N’Zogbia was lucky to find a person to replace him, but he was not lucky enough to escape the law. The winger was arrested by the Police when he turned up to do the practical part of his examination at the Sale Driving Test centre in April 2010. For any candidate, the maximum sentence for making someone else attend a driving test is five years in prison. But the Police decided to go easy on him, giving the French Footballer just a caution.

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Published 26 Oct 2016
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