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Modified 15 Oct 2012
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Football is an amazing game and always has been, and it will keep on getting better as new stars make way. The scouts of all the clubs are always in search of young players that can make a difference. There have been some successful pick outs like Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo, and the search is still on.

My focus in this article is to bring out some fantastic young players coming up in English Premier League. It has been quite a tough job sorting out these talents, so here they are.

 5th  Spot : Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Team : Arsenal

 Age : 19

 Position : Winger

This spot has been difficult to choose because English Premier League is full of young talents. Alex Chamberlain makes it to this position because of his speed and outstanding ball control, a deadly combination lacking in most wingers. When you see this boy playing, the first thing to note is his quick dribbling abilities – the ball is just glued to his foot, he can easily pass through defenders. Chamberlain has been known to play at multiple positions in midfield, making him an ultimate all-round midfielder. He has played for England U21 and his talent has been appreciated throughout Europe.

The only weakness of this player is his lack of experience, which he can work on with time. Arsene Wenger is working on this lad, and is trying to give him more time on the ground.

4th  Spot : Abdul Razak

Team : Manchester City

Age : 19

Position : Attacking Midfielder

Manchester City has been known to be one of the big players in transfer market, well, not any more, as this young lad comes from its academy. You might have seen some of the brilliant pass masters, and he is one of them.

Razak has all the qualities of a modern Attacking Midfielder, he is known for his play making abilities, with superb through passes and quick change of pace. He is a master in finding space and getting inside the box. As for defenders, he is tough to mark because of his unpredictable nature. Razak is very good with his weaker foot and wouldn’t wait to shoot a scorcher in to the opponent’s net.

His weakness is his physical strength, he can be easily dispossessed by the defenders, but he makes it up with his attitude.

3rd Spot : Angelo Henriquez

Team : Manchester United

Age : 18

Position : Forward

Angelo has been a new arrival to the Manchester United squad. A player has to be very talented, if he has been signed by a club this big. This player though very young, has a natural eye for the goal with his great shot accuracy and power and doesn’t think twice before going for the net. He is quick like a fox, and can be a nightmare for the defenders.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manager of Manchester United is very much looking forward to this young talent as the club’s next icon. It does not hit anyone with a surprise as this boy is a fantastic player. Angelo’s weakness is his physical strength, a striker needs to be strong to deal with huge defenders, especially in English Premier League, well, that would come with time. So next time when you are watching some Manchester United Football action outside English Premier League, look out for him.

2nd Spot : Thorgan Hazard

Team : Chelsea (went out for loan spell)

Age : 18

Position : Midfielder

That’s right! Another Hazard, he is the brother of Eden Hazard. Chelsea made no mistakes in signing him this transfer season, after the recommendation of his brother, who said Thorgan is a better player than him. One thing is for sure that Eden was not wrong, as his brother has already started to make an impact on his loan spell.

Personally, I have seen Thorgan play. His speed, stamina, and quick reactions are very impressive, he leaves no stone unturned when he is attacking, he finds space for himself, and he is an amazing dribbler of the ball. It might look a little ambitious but he moves like Messi, well, he is still young and who knows he can even be better.

Thorgan is comfortable in playing almost any role in midfield, since he is young, he lacks power, man marking experience, and agility, but that doesn’t stop him from making an impact in his game play. Do watch out for him when he is back at Chelsea.

1st Spot : Raheem Sterling

Team : Liverpool

Age : 17

Position : Winger

Raheem deserves this spot  after what he has achieved at such a young age. He got his first taste of first team football last year, when he was just 16, under Kenny Dalglish, and he has shown no signs of stopping since then. He has given impressive performances for England with U16, U17, U19 and even U21 team. This comes with no surprise as he is said to have “Iron Lungs” and a capacity to run for hours to go with his dynamic nature and eye for goal. Raheem is still young, still has to prove himself, and now he is a regular starter at Liverpool, helping his side to battle for the Top 4 spot at a time when the club is in urgent need of some fresh talents.

With the likes of Steven Gerrard, Nuri Sahin, and Luis Suarez on Raheem’s side, he has been a dynamo in the field, making sure he makes every ball count. He has already been seen scoring goals in Europa League fixtures. I have used the word “Dynamic” for him because he has the ability to adapt to the nature of the game, has flair and amazing ball control, dribbles like Ronaldinho and is not afraid to take long shots.

A footballer of his height is considered small and can be easily handled by defenders, but he uses this feature as a positive one, and swoops past the defenders in a flash. The Manager, Brendan Rogers has given this young lad a good time in the field, it won’t be long when he becomes a key player of his team. Major Clubs like Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund are said to be keeping an eye on him.

So the next time when you are watching Liverpool play, don’t forget to watch this little master do magic!

Notable mentions:

Choosing Top 5 players has been tough for me, here are 3 players that just couldn’t make it to the list.

1) Name : Lukaku

Team : Chelsea (out on loan)

Age : 19

Position : Striker

Lukaku has been playing for West Bromwich Albion on his loan spell. He is said to be the next Drogba. He has speed and is a great header of the ball. Combining these skills with his power makes him a great player.

2) Name : Samuel Magri

Team : Queens Park Rangers

Age : 18

Position : Defender

This one is from QPR, that’s right, another club that works with its youngsters. Samuel has already started impressing people with his solid defensive skills. He has been seen in action in England U17 Football, he is good at man marking, point to point defending, and crisp passes, but he can be easily over run by any hard working player and he lacks stamina, so he didn’t make it to the list.

3) Name : Suso

Team : Liverpool

Age : 18

Position : Midfielder

Suso, like Raheem has also been seen playing for Liverpool for sometime. What makes him different from other academy players at the club is his good crossing ability. He is a natural passer of the ball, and good at creating space.

He lacks speed, strength, and power in his shots, which is why he did not make it to my list.

Published 08 Oct 2012
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