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Why winning fans is important

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Manchester United is playing Stoke City at Old Trafford. Michael Owen, the former United player, is brought into the game by his team’s Manager.

Fans of Red Devils applaud him and give him an ovation. That’s Respect. Some years ago, when he was a United player, he had scored a goal in the dying minutes of the game against Manchester City which eventually was the winner at the final score-line read 4-3.

That goal had been etched in the minds of the fans forever. It could be the sole reason for the applause he received when he played against his former team. Now let’s shift our focus on another United Striker, Robin Van Persie.

His move from Arsenal to Manchester United had caused a lot of tension among his former club’s followers. A player who was with the team since he was a little boy left them when he reached his career’s best form.

He played as an Arsenal player for 8 years, providing those thrills to the fans of scoring winners against opponents. But in the end what he got was hatred, burned effigies and jerseys bearing his name. This is called Fans Reaction.

Be In Their Good Books

Winning over your fans is the most important thing in a player’s career. Winning them means you have got their trust. If the team is facing dire consequences or not playing up to the level, the fans believe in you to bail out their team. Win them and then do anything right or wrong, be it a harsh tackle or a tunnel brawl, fans are watching your back for sure.

eric cantona’s kung fu kick

Robin Van Persie gave almost his entire career to Arsenal but when he decided to abandon them, he was treated quite harshly. Surely at Emirates, he was the hero of every fan but when you fail them as their hero you will always be at the receiving end.

Luis Suarez is another player who enjoys immense support from fans. When he was suspended by the FA because of the racism saga, he was still openly welcomed at the Anfield only because of the supporters who were in awe of him. Eric Cantona, Manchester United’s great player, is still idolized by the fans.

He was surely one of the players who cared nothing and played his heart out to win over fans. Hence he got all the support after his infamous Kung-Fu kick on a Crystal Palace Fan.

robin van persie

Thierry Henry is still welcomed at the Emirates because of his great gameplay and more importantly, being a part of the Invincible side. All these players focus on only one point – fans are the most important aspect of the game.

If they don’t support you, then it’s going to be a big problem for you. You weave your magic on the fans and then get ready to be worshipped by them.

Get Worshipped By Them

If there is one player who is worshipped by his fans, I think it’s got to be none other than Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Whenever he goes through a bad patch, it’s his fans who helps him to overcome it and fight harder.

sachin tendulkar

Irrespective of how sharp the critics words are, he always finds  a way to shut their mouth. One of the reasons behind his unprecedented long stay in the world of Cricket can be accredited to the Fans’ love. It’s a simple thing; fans want to see him play at any cost.s

Such immense respect and affection among fans is built up on either years of performances or a sudden trigger into their hearts like Michael Owen. Fans play a very important part in a player’s career.

Winning them is an art. I would say that they play an important role in making or breaking a player’s career. That is the main reason behind fans chanting at Old Trafford, “Put him on a Plane, Bring him back from Spain”.

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