10 best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Choosing a good landing position in Fortnite is very important (Image via Epic Games)
Choosing a good landing position in Fortnite is very important (Image via Epic Games)

It's just been a couple of days since Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 went live. Although players are still finding several secrets that Epic Games hid all over the map, information on good landing spots is what the community currently wants.

Knowing where to land in Fortnite at any given point in time is very important. Landing in a good location can even ensure victory, while landing in a bad location with less loot can cause someone to get eliminated early in the game.

A good landing spot can be judged by the amount of loot it has to offer and how easy it is to access other areas of the map from the location.

10 locations Fortnite players can land in to increase their chances of winning


1) Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is probably one of the most famous locations in the game. However, it was destroyed during the aftermath of the live event last season. Right now, Tilted Towers is under construction and is scheduled to be completed soon. The most interesting fact about this is that players will be able to build their own version of Tilted Towers, and the best one will be featured in the game.

Time to rebuild Tilted, and this time you are the architect.Design your own building to be constructed in the new Tilted Towers POI and get ready to submit your design once we open up submissions.Read more:

That said, Tilted Towers has always been one of the hottest drops on the map. Given that it's right in the center of the map, players can choose to move out in any direction they want to. Moreover, Tilted Towers has a lot of loot to offer, so no one will leave without a weapon if they land there.

2) Rave Cave

This is one location that all party aminals will love. Rave Cave is the newer and upgraded version of the place that used to be known as Command Cavern at one point in time. Right now, the Rave Cave is the game's very own theme park, featuring colorful lights and a roller coaster track.

#PS5Share, #Fortnite Oh my God, I got stuck in the rave cave in endgame and just BARELY won, THIS IS MY LUCKIEST WIN, holysh*t.

Currently, the Ballers can only be found at the Rave Cave. So those who would like to get their hands on these vehicles need to land here. Moreover, there are a lot of small caves at this location, offering wonderful cover to those who dare to explore.

3) The Glow

The Glow is a small landmark in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 that is close to Loot Lake. The most interesting part about this landmark is that the Zero Point is located beneath this landmark underwater.


This can be a wonderful landing spot for those who wish to explore the areas around Zero Point in Fortnite.

That said, The Glow is ultimately a landmark, but unlike other landmarks, this area has around 13 legendary chests. Explorers can easily get their hands on some good weapons if they manage to explore this area successfully.

4) Reality Falls

The water from Zero Point flows through this location, watering the alien-like biome that has sprouted here. There's also a huge tree at this location, known as the Reality Tree. This Reality Tree has several pods on its branches. These pods contain Reality Seeds.

NEW EVENT! - Behind the waterfall in Reality Falls, the 2 lonely henchmen are digging from under the rocks and the community can actually contribute. The wall has 5,000,000,000,000 HP btw and once they're out they will be going around the map.

There is also a secret room behind the waterfall at this location. This room contains a lot of loot for those who can find it.

Considering that this location is on the western edge of the map in Fortnite, accessing other areas from here is slightly difficult. However, there are a lot of streams and rivers that flow through this location, so swimming out of here is comparatively easier than navigating out of Reality Falls on foot.

5) Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is another location that has been affected by everything that transpired during the last Fortnite live event. Although the location hasn't been destroyed, the plants and trees here look very different.

This is because the water from the Zero Point flows through here as well, thereby causing the plants and trees to have a different morphology altogether. However, the location still offers some really good loot. But with only one road leading out of this location, getting out of Greasy Grove in Fortnite can be slightly difficult.

6) The Temple

The Temple is a location that is in the north-eastern direction from The Daily Bugle. Truth be told, this location isn't that impressive because it's away from where all the action is.

However, the best landing spots in Fortnite are places that can ensure high survivability.


Since most of the action generally happens near Tilted Towers and Reality Falls, not many players visit this landmark, making it a nice place to stock up on weapons and ammo. The only thing that players need to worry about is the enemies that may come from the direction of The Daily Bugle in Fortnite.

7) Tumbledown Temple

Other than offering good loot, there is no reason for the two different temples to be on this list. Tumbledown Temple in Fortnite is another spot that is often ignored by players in every match, making it a nice little location where they can choose to land.

• Tumbledown Temple is also in the jungle area near the Sanctuary. A larger jungle temple with a lake next to it. Watch out for mosquitos! 🦟

There are around 10-12 chests that players can loot here. Since no one really comes to this location anymore, and there are a few places that players can rotate out to, Tumbledown Temple is another drop zone in Fortnite worth considering.

8) Chonkers Speedway

All the speed enthusiasts in Fortnite can land in this place to get their daily dose of grease and petrol in Fortnite. Chonkers Speedway is a dirt race track where no one, unfortunately, races anymore. However, it has a lot of chests that players can loot here, making it an interesting spot to land in.


That said, the location is towards the southern edge of the map, but it has enough dirt roads and one huge river flowing through it. This means that leaving this location isn't that difficult.

9) Shell or High Water

This small landmark can be found towards the north of the map, close to Logjam Lumberyard. Just like The Temple landmark, this place is far from all the action as well. So there's not much resistance that players will face while looting this place.

• Shell or High Water is a new mansion very similar to the old Chapter 1 Hero Mansion and now has been expanded and refurbished. As well as a new hedge maze and garage!

Shell or High Water has around 15 chests that players can loot from, making it a loot-rich landmark in Fortnite.

10) The Daily Bugle

This location is one of the hottest drops in Fortnite, but it also happens to be a place that offers a high amount of loot as well. Loot-wise, landing at The Daily Bugle is one of the best ideas that anyone can have, but players will have to be in and out of this place really quickly to avoid being picked apart by enemies.

Here are some POIs that the Reality Biome will spread to:Butter BarnDaily BugleSleepy SoundLog JamCondo CanyonTemple Near Condo CanyonInfo via @HYPEX #Fortnite #FortniteResistance #FortniteChapter3 #FortniteLeaks

Since this is one of the hottest drops in the game, players shouldn't linger here for longer than necessary.

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