Did Doctor Slone die in the Fortnite live event?

Doctor Slone might just have died after being hit by the Mecha in the Fortnite live event. (Image via Epic Games)
Doctor Slone might just have died after being hit by the Mecha in the Fortnite live event. (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games brought forward what could be dubbed one of the best live events in the history of Fortnite till date. There were a lot of things happening simultaneously during the live event. It was nothing short of a visual treat.

However, it did little to answer a few burning questions that the community had. Although the live event did give the community a first look at Geno, his real whereabouts are still unknown.

Moreover, the Fortnite live event just put a huge question mark on the fate of Doctor Slone, one of the major characters in the ongoing storyline in Fortnite. Doctor Slone had been pulling the strings in the game for a while, but from whatever transpired during the live event, it seems like she's done for good.

Did Doctor Slone survive the Fortnite live event?

From the looks of it, Doctor Slone might not have made it alive after that thunderous slap from the Mecha Team Leader. The Paradigm was controlling the Mecha and took a severe beating while going up against the IO forces on the island.

Thanks to Peely's timely help, Mecha was revived and took the fight to the IO. Towards the end of the fight, the Mecha was almost destroyed. Jonesy, along with the Foundation and the player were cornered by Doctor Slone in a Goliath tank while trying to destroy the Zero Shards on the Collider.

However, a small distraction by Jonesy was enough to buy the Mecha some time to revive. And once the latter recovered some power, Paradigm, who was controlling the Mecha, swatted Doctor Slone into oblivion.


Since Doctor Slone isn't a part of the loop, it's unlikely that she would have survived such an attack. However, she has her own arsenal of tricks, and could very well have survived the attack.

Since the Zero Point gave everyone a glimpse of multiple realities yet again, it's unclear where the story will go as Fortnite progresses into Chapter 3 Season 3. The Foundation and Jonesy dived into the Zero Point the moment it locked onto Geno, so it's highly likely that the upcoming season will revolve around the character in some capacity.

Moreover, Paradigm could have knocked Doctor Slone into that reality as well. To sum it all up, no one's really sure if Doctor Slone is dead or alive at this point. All these questions can be answered in the upcoming season.

Interestingly enough, the fate of the player and Paradigm are still unknown as well. The Zero Point might have exploded anyway, transporting all the inhabitants of the island to a different reality altogether. It will be more interesting to see how Darth Vader ties into the upcoming storyline as well.

The Fortnite servers are currently down, and the downtime is expected to last for the next 10-12 hours. Once the servers go live and the update is complete, players will hopefully receive answers to some of the questions that the live event sparked, if not all.

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