3 Fortnite skins that scream "Sweaty" (& 3 that noobs use)

Sweaty and Noob skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sweaty and Noob skins in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

One can often identify the kind of Fortnite players they are up against just by looking at their skins. There have been hundreds of skins in the Battle Royale game. But some of them clearly state whether the player is sweaty or a noob.

Most of the skins from early seasons are usually the most sweaty skins in Fortnite. If one sees someone donning these skins in Chapter 3 Season 1, expect them to have some nasty skills and experience. On the other hand, noobs usually wear cheaper skins that aren't rare.

What Fortnite skins do Noob or Sweaty players prefer?

6) Chun-Li (Sweaty)

This Street Fight skin in Fortnite is mostly used by sweaty players. Chun-Li is extremely popular given her physical features and can mostly be seen performing nasty edits or speed building. Chun-Li players have some of the nastiest plays in the game, and the skin's apparently lower hitbox is definitely a bonus.

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5) Frozen Peely (Noob)

WinterFest 2021 is here and with it are 2 new completely free skins. One of these is the Frozen Peely skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Given that this is a free skin, most players using it will not be as experienced as others. Moreover, Peely has never been an intimidating skin that sweaty players would use, and Frozen Peely shouldn't be an exception.

4) Black Knight (Sweaty)

Ever since it was added to the Season 2 Battle Pass, the Black Knight skin has been considered one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite. Only players who reached level 70 could unlock this skin, and leveling up back then was not as easy as it is now. There were no creative XP glitches, just pure grind. Clearly, Black Knight players have played and won thousands of games.


3) Ninja (Noob)

This might come as a big surprise, but the Ninja skin in Fortnite is mostly used by noobs. Ninja was one of the biggest celebrities in the game, and naturally, the first person to get his own Icon Series skin.

This meant that thousands of Ninja fans bought the skin even if they were bad at the game. Therefore, unless it is Ninja himself, players using the skin are usually noobs.


2) Fishstick (Sweaty)

Sweaty skins are usually supposed to be intimidating. However, sometimes, sweaty players want to disguise themselves as noobs, and Fishstick is the perfect skin for that. Given its funky look, players are hardly afraid of this skin. However, Fishstick players in Fortnite are often the most cracked ones, and you can see them get the Victory Royale in the coolest way possible.

1) Default Skins (Noob)

The most noob skin in Fortnite has to be a no-brainer. Any new player who is playing the game for the first time will spawn as a default skin. This is the perfect way to identify the worst players in the lobby as default skins hardly know how to aim well, build, or even move.

Next time players come across any of these skins, they will know whether it's smart to take a fight against them.

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