3 times Fortnite surprised its fans in a good way (& 3 times it left them shocked) 

Fortnite is an amalgamation of memories - both good and bad (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite is an amalgamation of memories - both good and bad (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the years, there have been numerous memorable Fortnite events and occasions. These range from storyline progression to changes on the island itself. However, not all of them have been happy memories.

Some of these moments have filled fans with glee, while others have shocked and left them at a loss for words. Nevertheless, whatever the emotional disposition, these events will go down in the game's history.

These moments from Fortnite surprised fans in a good way

1) The Foundation's face reveal

In recent times, the most hyped moment in-game was when The Seven retracted his helmet to reveal Dwayne Johnson's face. While it was first assumed that the actor merely voiced the character, fans were absolutely delighted to see him in-game.

2) Marvel Season


The Nexus War is arguably one of the greatest things to happen in-game. For the entirety of Chapter 2 Season 4, players got to enjoy a Marvel-themed season filled to the brim with memorabilia, including mythic weapons, Marvel character skins, and even the Helicarrier 64.

3) The Flipside


When the island was about to face annihilation, only a miracle could have saved it. That miracle came in the form of The Foundation using Zero Point to flip the island over. Loopers watched on with wide eyes as the Cube Queen sank beneath the waves and the island flipped over to Fortnite Chapter 3.

These moments from Fortnite left fans shocked

1) The Black Hole event


Towards the end of Chapter 1 Season 10, rumors of a Black Hole began to circulate. Unfortunately, this rumor turned out to be true. On October 13, 2019, after the meteor hit The Zero Point, the island began to warp and distort. It was a shocking moment for many players to witness the island's destruction.

2) The death of Cattus

The Final Battle. Mecha Grabs Neo Tilted's Sword & Defeats Cattus #Cattus #TeamMecha #Fortnite #Defeat #PS4share

What makes The Loop special is that it allows those trapped within to merely de-spawn after being eliminated. However, it would seem that Cattus was not affected by it. Once killed by Mecha, the beast died, permanently. This is one of the few perma-deaths to have ever occurred in-game.

3) Dr. Slone's betrayal

@InfernoOmni The CRAZY Fortnite live event that happened today!It revealed crazy lore and the betrayal of Doctor Slone.

Of all the shocking moments in Fortnite, Dr. Slone's betrayal is one of the most hurtful for fans. After leading the island's resistance in Chapter 2 Season 7, she willfully blew up the Mothership while Loopers were still onboard. The community at large cannot wait to watch her be defeated in-game.

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