4 things about Agent Jonesy that still remain a mystery in Fortnite

Different mysteries surrounding Agent Jonesy in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Different mysteries surrounding Agent Jonesy in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Agent Jonesy is one of the most important Fortnite characters. Ever since the first chapter, he has had an important role to play in the lore and still continues to do so. However, even after focusing on his character development, Epic Games has chosen to leave in several mysteries about the character.

After being MIA (missing in action) for at least two seasons, Agent John Jones has returned to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 1. Players are certainly curious as to how he will change things on the island and help The Seven fight the IO - where his former allegiance lay.


Biggest mysteries revolving around Agent Jones in Fortnite

Agent Jones has played several roles on the island. He once worked for the IO in order to protect the loop but went rogue and is now helping set free the Zero Point in Fortnite.

4) Origin

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Agent Jones is about his origin. Players are aware of his role while working for the IO and everything thereafter. However, no one has any idea about how Jones joined the Imagined Order and became so important to Fortnite Lore.

What do y'all think of the origin info about the I.O and Agent Jones theory? πŸ‘€Theories by: @lukearmy0830

3) Betrayal

Agent Jones' betrayal marked one of the biggest events in Fortnite history. After doing everything to stop players from escaping the loop, Jones had a change of heart and decided to turn his back on the IO and join The Seven instead. The exact reason behind his betrayal is still unknown, especially given his loyalty towards the order.


2) Snapshots

When Agent Jones went through the Zero Point in Fortnite multiple times, he ended up creating several snapshots of himself. Starting with Bunker Jonesy to Suba Jonesy, and many more, multiple versions of the character exist in the story. However, no one knows why the Zero Point made all of his snapshots and the purpose they serve on the island.


1) Geno

Getting The Foundation to Geno is the very reason why he agreed to help Agent Jones protect the Zero Point. Even in Chapter 3, The Foundation only saved Jones because Geno requested him to. Unfortunately, Epic Games still hasn't shed any light on how Agent Jones and Geno in Fortnite know each other and the kind of relationship they share.

@nabiplay So you see, when The Foundation seals the Zero Point, he makes a promise to Agent Jones to meet up once everything's done so he can tell him about Geno and The Sisters, however Agent Jones has been in the loop for so long it's entirely possible that the promise will never be ful-

Since Agent Jones is finally alive and well, players might receive answers to some of these questions, or new questions might soon arise.

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