5 Fortnite collaborations that failed to keep up with the hype

All Fortnite collaborations (Image via Reddit)
All Fortnite collaborations (Image via Reddit)

The last few seasons of Fortnite are nothing if not full of stellar collaborations. Although many fans can agree that the continuous crossovers in the battle royale game have been a tad bit annoying, they still have managed to hype up the game for players.

From the Mandalorian to Marvel and Kratos to Master Chief from Halo, Fortnite has had some exciting collaborations in its over four-year-long run. Unfortunately, in the long list of collaborations, some failed to generate the expected hype.

Although these collaborations hail from some of the most popular movie franchises or were inspired by celebrities, they couldn't match the same hype that these movies or individuals can bring to the table.

Most disappointing Fortnite collaborations of all time

5) Air Jordan x Fortnite

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous celebrities in the history of the NBA, and so is his clothing brand Air Jordan. Therefore, one would expect a much-hyped and sensational crossover after Fortnite announced the collaboration.

Unfortunately, a pair of skins and a not-so-interesting LTM failed to create enough hype for the Fortnite collaboration. Not many people bought the skins, and Epic Games missed an opportunity to introduce a Michael Jordan skin.

4) IT

IT doesn't qualify as much for collaboration as the other names on the list. However, the much-hyped IT collaboration ended up disappointing fans since it never really happened.

Players sighted a balloon tied to a drain in Fortnite, and it was a direct hint towards an upcoming IT collaboration. Unfortunately, whether it was a coincidence or a deal fell through, Pennywise, the clown, never appeared in the item shop.

3) NFL

The Fortnite x NFL collaboration wasn't the most disappointing in terms of the skins it had to offer. Players had a variety of options to choose from and support their favorite team. Unfortunately, players expected an NFL LTM with an NFL collaboration, but Fortnite denied them an opportunity to play football as their favorite players.

Fortnite x NFL collaboration (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite x NFL collaboration (Image via Epic Games)

2) Tron

Aesthetically speaking, the Tron x Fortnite collaboration looked fantastic with all the skins and the Light Cycle ridable glider. Unfortunately, it lacked the impact in-game as the movie franchise had in the history of pop culture. It seems like Epic Games did not use the opportunity to its fullest extent, leaving many fans disappointed.

1) Ghostbusters

All Fortnite and Ghostbuster fans can mutually agree that this was the worst collaboration in the game's history. The collaboration did not include any characters from the movie, and there wasn't even a spooky LTM accompanied by the Fortnightmares event with Ghostbusters at the center.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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