5 Fortnite pros and the skins they popularized

Bejyfishy and Dummy skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Bejyfishy and Dummy skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the years, several Fortnite skins have become prevalent because of pro players.

For instance, Clix heavily used the Spark Plug skin while streaming and in competitive tournaments like the FNCS. Thus, casuals admired Clix started using the skin in an attempt to replicate his playstyle.

Pros and sweats usually avoid bulky skins and use cosmetics with sleek designs. This lets them evade absurd hitbox mechanics, making it easier to hide in the environment.

With that in mind, here are five Fortnite pros and their go-to cosmetics.

Five most popular Fortnite pros and their signature outfits

1) NRG Clix


Clix started using the Spark Plug skin in 2019 and dominated the World Cup qualifiers with it. This was just the beginning, as the pro player for NRG Esports went on to win the FNCS Trios, place fourth in Winter Royale, and qualify for every season's FNCS Grand Finals.

Naturally, Clix gained millions of followers while making a name for himself in the competitive scene. He continued using Spark Plug with the Candy Cane pickaxe, and both cosmetics became equally popular.

2) NRG benjyfishy


Benjyfishy's impact on the Fortnite community has been surreal. He started out with the Fishstick skin for obvious reasons, but soon grew tired of it. Benjy then shifted to Siren and eventually, Dummy.

What's surprising is the fact that all these skins ended up becoming fan-favorites. Benjyfishy was able to consistently win tournaments and Cash Cups regardless of the cosmetics he used. He also earned a million followers on YouTube and became the first pro player to get his own tournament.

Hence, Siren, Dummy, and Fishstick skins owe their vogue to none other than benjyfishy.

3) EpikWhale


Scarlet Defender rose to prominence when EpikWhale played with it in major tournaments like the 2019 World Cup and the FNCS. Not only did he take part in these high-stakes tournaments, but also consistently placed in the top 5.

Since switching to controller, EpikWhale doesn't have a signature skin. Nevertheless, old fans of the pro player still associate him with Scarlet Defender.

4) Nick Eh 30


Nick Eh 30 is widely known as a content creator, but he has frequently competed in tournaments as well. In Chapter 3 Season 2, he took part in the Zero Build tournaments and placed higher than many pros.

Having said that, Nick Eh 30's reach among Fortnite players is far more than any pro mentioned on this list. He has 6 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 million followers on Twitch, who adore the Mogul Master (Canada) skin as much as Nick.

Nick entered the top 200 in the World Cup qualifiers with this skin and performed brilliantly in several FNCS tournaments.

5) Vadeal


Vadeal is arguably one of the most underrated pros in Fortnite. YouTuber Jerian claims that he is one of the best W Keyer's in the world, and he deserves credit for making the Travis Scott skin relevant among pros in Europe.

Travis Scott was already a famous outfit among casual players, but pros have always avoided wearing mainstream outfits. Vadeal certainly changed this trend with mind-boggling performances while donning the singer's skin.

It is worth noting that this list is not based on the outfits that the aforementioned pros currently wear. Instead, they emphasize their most impactful cosmetics.

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