5 GTA 5 characters that would make great Fortnite skins

It's time to pull off the heist of the century (Image via Sportskeeda)
It's time to pull off the heist of the century (Image via Sportskeeda)

Theoretically, a crossover with GTA 5 characters would lead to some great Fortnite skins.

Both of these games earned over a billion dollars. It's a testament to their pop cultural influence. Due to their arcade style, these popular games have drawn a huge player base. Despite their differences in age ratings, these two games would mesh well together.

Great Fortnite skins are a result of either recognizable faces or cool looking costumes. GTA 5 characters would provide a little bit of both. Trevor Philips may not break down loot piñatas anytime soon. However, it would be quite a trip if it ever did happen.

Five GTA 5 characters that would serve as great Fortnite skins

5) Bugstars pest control


This isn't a character as much as it is a costume. Nonetheless, it's one of the iconic looks of GTA 5 and it even appears in the cover art.

GTA 5 characters are particularly known for their daring heists. It requires both stealth and skill to survive. This is what makes these great Fortnite skins. It's also thematically appropriate for both series. Gas masks and red suits also stand out remarkably well.

4) Lamar Davis


Lamar is arguably one of the funniest GTA 5 characters. Despite his role as a supporting cast member, he regularly steals the spotlight. Any discussion of great Fortnite skins should include him (in regards to GTA 5).

Of course, Lamar would certainly have to tone himself down for Fortnite. If he ever had voice lines, most of them would be bleeped out. At the very least, Lamar would pull off great dance emotes.

3) Michael De Santa


Great Fortnite skins for GTA 5 characters won't be complete without the player characters. Michael doesn't look like much, but he deserves a shot as much as anybody else and he's certainly good with guns. It's too bad he can't use his Bullet Time ability to rack up some easy wins.

2) Franklin Clinton


Franklin is yet another famous name from GTA 5. Along with his best friend Lamar, they serve as comedic foils to each other. If hilarity ensues between the GTA 5 characters, it's very likely Franklin and/or Lamar are in the scene.

Fortnite players might recognize him from the "Lamar Roasts Franklin" memes. These GTA 5 characters went viral about a year ago.

1) Trevor Philips


Out of all the GTA 5 characters that would be great Fortnite skins, Trevor Philips would be an ideal contender. Right away, he stands out in terms of appearance. Trevor is a living danger not only to himself, but everyone around him.

He would certainly take over an entire island by himself. Trevor is not a man to mess with by any means. One can only imagine the emotes he would come up with. However, the censors would have to work overtime.

Trevor could easily be one of the more popular Fortnite skins for the entire week.

With such a rich assortment of characters, GTA 5 is more than capable of providing flashy skins for Fortnite. A crossover seems like a prudent move. GTA 5 has major staying power for multiple generations now. These would be great Fortnite skins for the player.

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